Best Balance Boards For Surfing Reviewed

Coordination, core strength and stability are the basic skills we need as surfers to keep our surfing fine-tuned.

But during long flat spells or when we can’t get into the water for long periods of time for a surf, those skills can get a little soft.

Balance boards can be a great way to keep surfing skills when you can’t get into the water.

In this article, we tell you the ins and outs of balances boards and give our short list of the best balance boards for surfing.

What is a Balance Board?

A balance board is just what the name suggests; a training board that helps improve the balance skills of surfers.

It is used to practice balancing skills out of water.

This is a great starting point for beginner surfers and experienced surfers alike.

Why is a Balance Board Important?

A balance board is a training tool that helps to improve surfing performance and keep you in surfing condition.

They help surfers to improve strength, surfing posture, stability, and develop endurance.

It also helps to build surfing confidence and prepares the surfer for the real water experience.

Types of Balance Boards

There are numerous types of balance.

In this article, we will primarily focus on the boards that most closely simulate actual surfing.

Rocker-Roller Balance Boards

The rocker-roller balance is considered the most difficult board to use due to its wheeling and left-right tilting motion.

This combination makes staying on the board extremely challenging.

Non-Rocker-Roller Balance Boards

There are also some non-rocker-roller boards that have been designed specifically for surfers.

These boards incorporate custom features for surfers as well as features for other board sports.

Are Balance Boards Safe?

The risk of falling and getting injured, especially for first time users is always a possibility. 

However, if you use a sturdy board, heed warnings, follow instructions and take cautionary measures and know your limits while pushing them responsibly should be better off than not.

Also, if you fall, break a bone or hurt yourself in any other way we are not responsible. Our lawyers told us to say that.

Moving on.

Is There A Weight Limit for Using A Balance Board?

Absolutely! Going above the indicated weight limit can cause injury.

The balance boards for surfers on our list have upper weight limits of 250-400 pounds.

Below is the short list of what we think are the best balance boards for surfers.

The Best Balance Boards For Surfing Reviews

Here’s our short list of the best balance board to improve your surfing by training on dry land.


Indo Board Pro

This balance board is designed with stability, core strength, and agility in mind. I

t is best used indoors on the carpet as you may have picked the hint from “indo” board (as in indoor board).

However, it can also be used outdoors on a smooth surface.

The Indo pro is versatile and allows the surfer to either use the deck parallel or perpendicular to the roller for rail to rail action or cross stepping.

It is ideal for taller people since it has a large deck and pro roller to accommodate a wider stance.

It is also ideal for advanced training because it allows for squats and lunges.

It is a good board to use when you want to learn balancing and cross stepping.

However, the larger size and weight makes it a bit slower than smaller boards which adds to the stability of the board.

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Runner Up

Surf Original, from Si Boards

This Surf Original board from Si Boards comes in a medium size at 42″ x 18″.

It is intended for surfers who are 5’4″ and taller and is good for an intermediate level of experience.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The size of this board allows for wide stance training that mimics your surfing stance and is considered one of the best boards for quick rotational training.

It sells at about $365.

More Balance Boards For Surfing

Here are a few more balance boards to consider.

Photo Title Price Buy
Revbalance 101 v2...image Revbalance 101 v2 - Balance Board Sports Trainer (Blue) $149.95
Revbalance Swell 2.0...image Revbalance Swell 2.0 - Surf & Paddle Balance Board Trainer (Midnight - Black) $189.95
The Skill Board...image The Skill Board - Wooden Balance Board for Adults - Smooth Wobble Board for All Sports, Gym, Standing Desk, or Yard Games - Balance Trainer with Fitness Ball, Ball Pump
INDO BOARD Original...image INDO BOARD Original - Natural Wood Finish - Balance Board for Fun, Fitness and Sports Training - Comes with 30" X 18" Non-Slip Deck and a 6.5" Roller $189.95
INDO BOARD Rocker...image INDO BOARD Rocker Balance Board Package - Black and Silver - Improve Balance, Comes with 33" X 16" Non-Slip Deck 6.5" Roller and 14" Cushion $231.95
INDO BOARD Rocker...image INDO BOARD Rocker Balance Board with Roller - Black and Silver - Balance Board for Fitness, Sports Training and Advanced Tricks - 33" X 16" Non-Slip Wooden Deck and a 6.5" Roller $194.95

Ebb & Flow Classic Log – Bamboo from Ebb & Flo

The Ebb & Flow is a balance board that simulates riding the ocean waves on a surfboard, mostly a longboard.

It is a great tool for practicing your longboarding skills and improves general surfing balance.

It is built with sustainability in mind and hence made from bamboo plywood.

It is also helpful for ankle and leg strengthening, which is helps surfers develop that smooth John John Florence type of style. It is best used on a smooth surface.

Surf Starter 7 in 1 from Si Boards

This combo balance board is economical and combines balance, strength training, and rotational training among others.

It is great for travel as well as outdoor training.

It has an average size and provides a moderate width stance.

It comes with 6 different balls, half and full and is suitable for all skill levels. The retail price is $495.

Revolution Swell 2.0 from Revolution Balance Boards

This balance board is a good choice for any surfer. It comes with an extended roller to maximize balance training.

It features adjustable stops at the base to allow the user to change positions easily without too much risk of falling.

It is a popular choice for long- boarders, surfers, and paddle boarders. It retails for about $169.

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Balance Board from URBNFit

This wooden balance board is ideal for core training and increases stability, strength, and flexibility.

It has anti-skid features that offers a strong grip, this means that it can be comfortably used on most surfaces.

It is versatile but simple to use, this means that it can be used for all skill levels.

URBNfit is known for their quality and reliability.

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Balance Surfer from the Blue Plant

This is another balance board designed for surfers by surfers.

This balance board offers 7 unique balance boards within one board. This comes together to mimic the surfing sensation.

It can be used from beginner to pro as it comes with three different plastic balance models which allow you to adjust between difficulty levels.

The balance surfer also has an “office mode” which is the setting without any plastic balance modules.

It allows you to work at your desk while standing and balancing, which increases your blood flow, posture and engages your core.

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It goes without question that balance boards are a great means to improve your surfing out of water.  

Your training objectives will ultimately decide which balance board best suits you.