Ebb & Flo Balance Boards

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Armin Brown, the founder of The Ebb & Flo Balance Boards, created this product out of necessity.

As a surfer himself, he tried using other balancing boards but couldn’t find one that he was happy with.

One that he felt mimicked the challenged of balancing on the ocean.

In 2009, he launched the Goofboard and has since evolved to the present Ebbs & Flo brand which was launched 10 years later.

This brand is characterised by its unique rail to rail riding style with a roller running along the length.

It is designed to simulate a real ocean wave experience.

Eco-Friendly Balance Board

Ebb and Flow Balance Boards are one of a kind and made of bamboo and other eco-friendly material.

They are a great choice for surfers care about the ocean and the environment as a whole.

Let us take a close look at the top three products of this brand and get you to understand the particular features that make each one of them worth your consideration.

Ebb & Flow Balance Boards Reviewed

3 great models to choose from. Here we go.

Ebb & Flo Classic Log – Bamboo

This is an incredible eco-friendly balance board that perfectly simulates the motions of the real waves.

It is a surfers training choice for balance, leg and ankle strength.

The board is 44″ x 15″ to gives you enough surface for feet movement.

A wide base will also create more balance challenge which is good for your training.

It comes with a 37″ x 4″ strong roller made from recycled material and has bamboo caps.

The roller can support up to 450 pounds.

This roller that runs parallel to the length of the board is the trick behind the ocean feeling you get when you train with it.

These elegant balance boards are manufactured in California from bamboo plywood.

Their beautiful variety of grain and tone make easy candidates to store visibly in your room and not tuck away in the closet.

Latest versions have revised the bamboos to make them stronger while being more aesthetic.  

The rollers to have undergone some upgrading. They no longer come with corks. This is lightweight beautiful balance board.

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Ebb & Flo Retro Hull – Bamboo

Here is another aesthetic rail-to-rail training balance board from Ebb & Flo made by surfers for surfers.

Many balance boards are multi-purpose and can fit in any fitness plan.

That is not the case with this board. 

It was built for the surfer.

It is designed to make you a better surfer.

The board is 44″ x 15″ and comes with a roller that is 37″ x 4″.

The roller can support a maximum of 450 pounds.

This magnificent bamboo balance board comes in different tones and grains of your choice.

You have a swan, sage, and minimal color themes to choose from. In the latest versions, you have an option of replacing the Flo-Blocks with Rocker Domes.

It offers the ideal environment for SUP rider to train for agility, balance, fluidity and recovery.

It gives you optimum challenge even before you get in the ocean. It is worth every penny.

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GoofBoard Classic Log – Birch

The balance board that started it all for this brand. The rail-to-rail surfing simulator.

This is an incredible choice for surfers at all levels.

It enhances style, fluidity, stability recovery and strength.

This was the original brand name before Ebb & Flo came to be.

Its dimensions are 44″ x 15″ with a 37″ x 4″ roller that is not made of plastic.

It is wide enough to give you a stable base for balancing. It’s made of 9 ply birch plywood of varying tone and grain.

The roller is strong and sturdy made from recycled material with caps of bamboo at the end.

It supports a maximum of 450 pounds.

It is long enough to run parallel to the length of the board to generate the stimulating effect of surfing on ocean waves.

Some features have been revised recently.

The Rocker Dome has replaced the U-Block.

As a result, the revised version may come with no grooves at the bottom.

GoofBoard Classic Log – Birch comes in three colors: Blue, Orange and Green.

It is a good blend of other Ebb & Flo boards.

Benefits of Training With Ebb & Flo Balance Boards

  1. Flexibility and Fluidity: These boards give you a full-body awareness which makes you able to control your body well while in the waters. You will gain fluidity and style right in the comfort of your home.
  2. Stability: Consistent training on these boards is a sure way to learn how to be stable on your surfboard.
  3. Built Confidence: Practice, balance and strength build confidence in and out of the water.
  4. Simulation: Creating a simulated environment offers the best way to prepare and train you for the real challenge in the ocean. Not all balance boards can deliver on that promise. Ebb & Flo does.