Do Indo Boards Help With Surfing?

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Indo Boards came out with the first balance boards geared for surfers who wanted to train on land.

Indo Boards are a great tool to use to help your surfing out. They allow you to train on flat days so you are ready to get back in the water when the surf picks up.

They have been around since 1998 and there is good reason for it. Indo Boards are designed to inject lots of fun, agility and tricks in your balance training.

Since the Indo Board Original’s debut, there have been additional variations from Indo Board that have been introduced to surfers, skaters and snowboarders and anyone else who wants to work on their balance and core strength like yoga practitioners.

Let’s take a look at the entire Indo Board collection and walk you through how to choose the best Indo Board for your needs.

About Indo Boards

Even though the first commercial product of Indo boards was launched in September 1998, its prototype was developed in 1975 by Hunter Joslin. The decades spent perfecting this prototype into the first model are evident in the superior quality found in Indo Boards.

This rocker roller, unattached, multi-directional balance board brand comes in varieties that can serves the needs of all skill levels. If you want more of challenge with an eye on doing tricks on a balance board, go smaller. If you are looking for more of a core workout and less tricks, go with a bigger balance board.

With over five types of Indo Boards to choose from, Indo Board makes the perfect fit for enhancing your body balance and coordination training.

Does The Indo Board help With Surfing, Skating & Snowboarding?

Indo Boards are for anyone who is involved in a board sport like surfing, skating or snowboarding and want to improve their balance.

Older kids, teens and adults alike, can all benefit from training on an Indo Board. You don’t need any athletic skills to use an Indo Board, but will need some ability to balance to begin your balance board training

Who Are Indo Boards Good For?

These balance boards aren’t just for surfers, snowboarders and skateboarders. They are ideal for anyone who wants to improve their overall sports performance including those who practice yoga and even golfers.

If you need core strength and agility to perform your best at your chosen sport, you can benefit from using an Indo Board.

Ways To Use An Indo Board

Use Indo Board For Surfing When There Is No Surf

One of the best qualities about the Indo Board is it can be used under almost any circumstance. During periods of bad weather and poor surf conditions, you can use the Indo Board to maintain your muscle memory, core strength and flexbility.

Snowboarders can use an Indo Board to keep fit during the summer months and skaters can use an Indo Board when it’s raining or snowing outside.

Improve your Pop Up for Surfing with an Indo Board

Use Indo Board To Help Recover From Injuries

Board sports like surfing, snowboarding and especially skateboarding can be hard on the body and can lead to injury. You can use the Indo Board to help you recover from injuries like ankle and knee injuries. Be careful not to fall and injury yourself further and please talk to your physical therapist about the right exercises to do on an Indo Board before using one if you are injured.

Indo Board Exercises

No two exercises on the Indo Board have to be the same, so it’s a fun way to change up your fitness routine and keep yourself motivated, at any time or place.

Here is one exercise video from Indo Board to help you get started using your Indo Board. Check out the Indo Board YouTube channel for more exercise videos.


Let us take a trip to the (virtual) Indo Board shop and see which Indo Boards are best for your needs.

INDO BOARD Pro Balance Board with Roller

The Indo Board Pro Balance Board comes with a 42″ x 15″ deck with a 8.5″ diameter making this king-size balance board a good fit for both shorter and taller people.

Who This Balance Board Is Good For

It is perfect for agility, coordination, balance and even cross-stepping training. Many surfers, snowboarders, skaters, and yoga practitioners start with this balance board.

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INDO BOARD Mini Pro Balance Board with Roller

Don’t let the word “mini” make you underestimate this compact perfect trick-trainer. It’s just a smaller version of the Indo Board Pro. The smaller 8.5″ diameter and 39″ length makes it a little more challenging than the Indo Board Pro Balance Board.

Who This Balance Board Is Good For

If you are have used balance boards in the past and are comfortable with a smaller balance board this one could be for you.

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INDO BOARD Rocker Balance Board Package

The Indo Rocker Board has a deck measuring 33″ x 16″ with a continuous curve on the bottom of the board so you can do 360s and 180 turns.

Who This Balance Board Is Good For

This is a good option for a more advanced balance boarder who wants more challenge. This balance board gives you the freedom to try multi-angle spins and shuvits and is will feel more connected to skating and snowboarding than other balance boards.

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INDO BOARD Yoga Board with Wood Deck

As the name implies, this balance board is designed explicitly for the yoga practitioner. The Indo Yoga Board brings a new challenge to your yoga by introducing an unstable surface. It challenges your body more you seek to maintain a balance.

Who This Balance Board Is Good For

If are looking for a little more workout to your yoga routine this is a good balance board for you.

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INDO BOARD Mini Original with Roller

The one, the only, the original Indo Board.

The Indo Mini Original was the balance board that first introduced the brand to the world in September 1998. This oval 30″ x 18″ balance board is an ideal multi-purpose training board. It features a non-slip surface that enhances your grip. It comes in a range of 11 colors for you to choose.

Who This Balance Board Is Good For

This is a great all around balance board for skaters, surfers, snowboarders and anyone else who is looking for a good core workout.

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INDO BOARD Kicktail Pro

Indo Board Kicktail Pro was made to execute above the ground and above the lip moves that you would typically do in the snow or skate part. This balance board comes with a 40″ long deck with a 6.5 roller.

Who This Balance Board Is Good For

It’s the perfect tool for skater or snowboarder who wants to practice rail slides, ollies, kickflips, grabs, transfers and other skateboarding and snowboarding tricks.

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INDO BOARD Mini Kicktail – Black

With 32″ x 8.75 in dimension, this mini kicktail balance board is compact enough to train for balance, agility, core strength and most board tricks that can set you apart from the pack.

Who This Balance Board Is Good For

Give this balance board a go if you are a surfer, snowboarder, or skater who dreams of getting sponsored or wants to train more like the pros.

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As the first balance board on the scene the biggest challenge is keeping your products relevant. Indo Boards has managed to maintain demand for a very long time now.

Kudos to them. They make some of the best balance boards on the market for core workouts and practicing tricks.