Revolution Balance Boards

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Revolution Balance Boards was created with a mission to bring motion and balance to people’s life.

The design of every board at Revolution balance board revolves around the implementation of new creative and value-adding ideas.

These balance boards are for surfers, snowboarders, skaters and other users who are into general fitness.

Revolution uses carefully selected sustainable and recycled materials in the construction of their balance boards.

Revolution Balance Boards include the Revolution 101, Core 32, Swell 2.0, FIT and the Eco Series 101.

Improve Your Pop Up Using a Revolution Balance Board

Revolution Balance Boards Reviews

Revolution has a handful of nice balance boards to choose from.

Find one that fits your surf training needs.


The Revolution 101 is 30″ x 11.5″ in dimension and its roller 4.5″.

The rollers are strong and durable to tolerate some rough surfaces to allow you to train anywhere, indoors or outdoors.

The board is wide enough with a dura soft traction top that makes it comfortable and usable with or without shoes safely.

With this size, Revolution 101 is compact enough to be used by a family member of any age.

The roller stops at the bottom far end are an additional safety feature to the notice rider.

It is a good choice for surfers, and other board riders who want to build their core, enhance balance and coordination, and improve balance recovery ability.

Top sportsmen have endorsed revolution 101 balance boards since its entry in the market in August 2015.

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It is an outstanding surf and SUP balance board trainer.

Revolution Swell 2.0 was specifically designed to prepare you to maneuver the turbulence of a swelling ocean. It’s the master of recovery trainers.

The dura soft traction on the board improves the grip and provides comfort for a bare-foot session.

This smooth surface also prevents the board from scratching your floor.

It features one of a kind strong, easily adjustable magnetic stops that allows you to set the rolling length to your preference. This offers advantageous flexibility to beginners.

Revolution Swell 2.0 is a quality hand-crafted trainer board measuring 36 inches long.

It is also super-lightweight coming in at 10.45 pounds.

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You can use the FIT 3-in-1 balance board from Revolution to perform tons of variations of body-weight exercises.

Its 30″ x 12″ board surface comes with dura soft foot grip.

While the rocker is a suitable base for a beginner due to its better stability, the air cushion base is good for experienced users because of its 360motion that will help you target more muscles.

It is a perfect choice for training your core. The roller base remains to be the most challenging of them all.

This is more than a balance board, it is a complete body training system.

Package Details: 3 interchangeable bases (roller, rocker and air cushion), FIT board, and a user guide.

It is available in four different colors.

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The Core 32 from Revolution Balance Boards was hand-crafted to help you master your surfing, skating and snowboarding tricks on land.

Revolution Core 32 is 32″x 8″ making it long enough to give you the freedom to practice many of your surfing maneuvers on land.

This awesome board is built bombproof to absorb the shock of your kick-flips and ollies.

Core 32 is built for them all.

The surface comes with a dura soft covered surface for comfort and grip. It is also concave to ensure good heel-toe stability.

Revolution Core 32 is the perfect gift for a vibrant and adventurous spirit that always wants to try a new trick.

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This exclusive series is handcrafted from eco-friendly material. It is a heavy-duty but lightweight designed to last longer.

It supports up to 400 pounds.

It is a quality and solid build that looks and performs great.

The boards is 30″ x 11″ making it compact and convenient to carry or store.

This edition serves a wide rage of purpose from board sports, athletics and fitness training.

It can also be used by people of all ages and levels.

This model is no longer available. You can see all available Revolution Balance Boards on Amazon.


The strength of Revolution Balance Boards as a brand lies in its ever-evolving design.

Every release is designed to solve a particular problem.

There are unique functionality and feature for each product from this brand.