Si Balance Boards Review

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Si Boards are probably the most diverse, best training board we found on the market.

Their design was born out of sports medicine and training that will serve your surfing and you all around functional needs.

You can use these boards to improve your surfing and/or you could build an entire training regimen around them.

They are very impressive in their construction and diversity of training moves that they support.

These boards come with a variety of half and full balls and resistance bands.

We are not exaggerating when we say that they are their own training system.

You might be able to cancel you gym membership if you get one of these boards.

And you may want to, as these boards start at about $350 and cost as much as $1,600.

Si Boards Reviews

Si Balance boards may not be not cheap. But they are definitely awesome.

Powerhouse Combo

The Powerhouse Combe from Si Boards is where training meets size.

Dimensions of 45″ x 19″ should give you an idea of how big it is.

This jumbo balance board was made for medium to tall people (5’4″ and taller) and can be used by at all levels and has a weight limit of 400 pounds.

The broad ride surface is concave and has a grip coating that makes sure you are firmly grounded to the ball or half ball under the board

A large 36″x 14″ x 1″ rail secured by a solid urethane block runs around the bottom of the board sitting 2″ off the board base to guard the balls underneath.

This is ideal for working the whole body.

The boards come with a user guide.

This board is a complete workout system and the price of $1,600.00 reflects it.

Surf Original

The Surf Original from Si Boards is a 42″x 18″ medium-sized balance board for all skill levels.

You should be for 5.4″ or taller to ride this balance board. A board allows for a riding stance between 28″ and 38″ and is the best choice for fast rotations training.

The steel rail system of Surf Original enables you to make 16 configurations to personalize your training.

It comes with full and a half and half balls ranging from 5 to 8.5 inches which helps in varying the base stability for more versatility.

Being 8.5″ inches off the ground is a challenging adventure that makes these boards a lovable option for the advanced level surfer. This board is about $1,500.

Speed and Strength Combo

This medium 36 x 18 inches combo could be the people’s favorite for strength and speed.

It comes with 6.5″ ball making it friendly for all levels, from beginner to expert because it fits a variety of stance sizes.

It also comes with a resistance band that can help you personalize your training in so many ways.

The user guide may help you to understand more techniques.

This board goes for $1,100.

Powder Original Basic Package

This is one of the packages that can accommodate shorter riders due to its size. It is 41″x 15″ and can accommodate riders with heights between 4 to 6ft tall.

With this smaller edition, the Powder Original Basic Package from Si-Boards is designed for stances between 18 and 38 inches.

However, being small does not make it a beginner’s toy. It takes quite a level of experience to ride on in.

The ground clearance of up to 6.5 inches may not be advisable for a novice.

It has a notably unique shape that is broader towards both ends, like a snowboard, making is good for forward and backwards leaning.

The narrow part brings the sensation of speed while the wide parts of the board offer stability

It makes a good choice for practicing surfing spins and turns. This board goes for $1,100.

Light and Quick Combo

Are you always on the move?

This super-compact baby from Si-Boards is for you. Light and Quick Combo is only 27″ x15″ in size making it the smallest balance board from SI-Boards.

This size makes it convenient for people on the go or who live in tight spaces with little storage.

It was created for quick response training.

It’s also used for strength building and core training.

The steel rail system allows you to make 16 varieties of boards.

These dynamics allow it to be used by beginners and experienced board riders.

You can also incorporate the resistance band that comes with it to exercise your spine and also improve your postural stability

This remarkable small design uses its size to hold you in a limited perimeter and therefore train you to have sharp reflexes to recover lost balance.

That is why it is one of the best option for reflex moves training.

Surf Starter 7 in 1

The Surf Start from Si-Boards is 42″ x 18″ and is medium-sized trainer board for a quick and precise turning.

The steel rail system is also featured in this one to create a wide variety of boards that will help you achieve skill progression.

A wide stance of up to 38″ on while training on 18″ wide board will allow you a variety of body positions.

This intensifies the balance and coordination challenge.

It is where you can practice some cross-stepping and pop up moves.

It is a great balance board for dry-land surfing training.

Freestyle Starter 5 in 1

The Freestyle Start is a great entry level balance board from Si Boards.

The price point of $425 is half of a third of some of the other boards they offer. And it still comes with a ton of functionality.

It is a good board for all riders from 4′ tall and up. It supports a riding stance between 20″ and 35″.

It comes with 3 balls and 2 half balls.

If you are looking for a high-quality balance board this one might the one you have been waiting for.