URBNFit Balance Boards

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URBNFit has a way of intertwining magnificence and functionality in all their product. URBNFit make of exercise balls, balance boards, balance discs, gym rings and other equipment.

This review discusses two of URBNFit’s balance boards that we think are good training tools for surfers.

URBNfit Balance Boards Reviews

Roller Board Balance Trainer

URBNFit constructed the Roller Board Balance Trainer for the toughest assignments.

Even with a 220lb rider on it, this sturdy trainer will give you plenty of stability and challenge.

This balance board is made from a combination of pine and poplar wood making it one of firmest balance boards there is on the market.

The board comes with a strong PVC roller with a soft outer lining that helps the balance board grip the roller so you can focus on your skills.

Lunges, squats, and push-ups are among the exercises you can perform on the Roller Board Balance Trainer.

You can perform many variations of each exercise to help you target more muscles.

For surfers, this can be a great option for response training.

Skateboarding, skiing, surfing, paddle boarding are among the board sports that are well simulated by the Roller Board Balance Trainer.

About size, it is 28.6″ x 12.1″ in dimension and weight only 8.75 pounds.

Apart from the user guide, URBNFit has a notable excellent customer service team.

Plus, you don’t need to rob a bank to get one of these.

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Balance Board

This is a round board is constructed from premier hardwood to make your training fun and dynamic.

It is a top of industry innovation that can be used for strength, stability and flexibility training.

The circular design of this board makes it a versatile trainer for balance, coordination, and core exercises that benefits surfers and other board riders.

It has a 15.75″ diameter with a high-quality anti-skid surface that offers a reassuring grip throughout your training session.

It is usable on any surface.

The ball at the base is made of high-quality ABS plastic to make it durable and multi-surface tolerant.

Additionally, it can be used by people of all ages for strength and body posture improvement.

It is a convenient size for portability and storage.

An detailed guidebook is available to help you make the most out it.

It has colored step-by-step instructions on how to perform different exercises safely.

What is more, you are guaranteed a replacement or refund in case of any concern.

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