The Best Bodyboards Reviewed

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Are you buying your first bodyboard? Have you been boarding for several years and are ready to step up? Whatever type of board you’re looking for, and however big your budget is, the following bodyboard buyer’s guide will help you.

The Best Bodyboard Brands

As with so many other things these days, bodyboards fall into two major categories: premium brands and Amazon generic brands. Many of the former were founded by professional bodyboarders and have been around for years. They focus on innovative designs and high-quality boards, but they can also be quite expensive.

These brands include Morey, the inventor of the Boogie Board and the one responsible for the sport’s popularity; Custom X, a top brand based in California; Science Bodyboards, which was created by the amazing Mike Stewart, and Manta, Australia’s first bodyboard brand.

As for the latter, the Amazon brands, they are often mass-produced in China and they all look very similar. In many cases, they are copies of popular boards from well-known brands. Those boards are then given a generic name, a fresh lick of paint, and a new Amazon listing.

That’s not to say that these cheaper boards are bad. In fact, if you’re a budget boarder they are ideal. They’re still made from decent materials and thanks to the accountability provided by Amazon’s reviews, there are some great ones out there. Just don’t expect them to have the same high-quality finish, brand recognition, or even customer support.

The Best Bodyboards Right Now

We have listed a few of the best bodyboards below. This list is a mixture of established brands and the Amazon alternatives mentioned above, and all of them are available to purchase from the Amazon storefront.

Morey Bodyboards Mach 7SS

The Mach 7SS is a 1-stringer bodyboard made from a polypropylene core that delivers a high-performance flex in extremely cold conditions. It works well in both knee-drop and prone positions while the raised ridges deliver extra grip for riders of all sizes.

The distinctive black and lime green color scheme, along with the iconic Morey branding, makes this a premium board for serious bodyboarders.

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The Bo-Toys Body Board Lightweight

Bo-Toys is probably not a name that you will recognize, but it comes at a price that you can’t argue with. It’s also surprisingly well-built and incredibly reliable, which is why it’s currently one of the best-selling bodyboards on Amazon.

Choose from an array of color options, including blue and green, pink and green, and red and white.

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THURSO Surf Lightning

A 42” bodyboard from a brand that understands quality but is also very affordable. The THURSO Surf Lightning is made from a PE core and features a wide and thick profile for stability and buoyancy.

There are 2 stringers and it supports riders of up to 200 lbs. It comes with a bag and leash and you can choose from a few different designs.

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Morey 44 Big Kahuna Bodyboard

The Big Kahuna was made for big bodyboarders. It is a 44-inch board made from high-density materials and a closed cell construction. It features a Power Rod stringer and a wide frame that allows for optimal buoyancy and makes it easy to paddle and ride.

If you’re a taller rider (around 6 foot or more), and you’re looking for a premium board from a beloved brand, this is ideal.

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Custom X Titan XPE Crescent Tail

The Custom X Titan XPE is available in three colors and 5 sizes, ranging from 41” to 45”. It’s an affordable option from a premium brand and it’s made using a Surlyn Slick bottom and strong surface that suits both prone and drop-knee boarding.

There are single or double stringer options (depending on the size) and it has a classic crescent-shaped tail.

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Kai Pro Bodyboard Lightweight

A simple but stylish board that’s perfect for smaller beginners on a budget, as well as kids who may not stay interested in the sport for long. Choose from several bright colors and benefit from a board that is built to last, including heat lamination technology that delivers maximum sun protection and water resistance.

The Kai Pro is just 22”, so it’s not the best option for larger riders.

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Bodyboard with Wrist Leash from BoardX

This is probably the cheapest option in this guide. It’s also the most distinctive, and there are two different styles to choose from—one bright green, the other bright pink, and both with eye-catching designs.

It comes with a leash and is available in three sizes: 33”, 37”, and 41”.

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GYN Trade Heat Sealed Pro X Bodyboard

The GYN Trade bodyboard is heat-sealed for stability and durability and it comes with a slick underside and a detachable wrist leash. It’s a simple but solid board that comes in 8 sizing options and a variety of finishes.

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How Much Do Bodyboards Cost?

The bodyboards mentioned above cost between $40 and $250. It’s not the most expensive piece of equipment in the world, but the prices can vary significantly. Ultimately, it depends on the materials and the quality of the manufacturing, as well as the brand recognition.

A Morey bodyboard is always going to cost you more than one of the generic Amazon brands that are produced by factories in China. The quality is also greater, but those cheaper boards still deliver fantastic value for money and if you’re not all that serious about bodyboarding or you just want to try it out, they are ideal.