Indo Board Review

Maintaining your balance on the board is an essential part of surfing. As the water moves underneath the board, a surfer has to be able to balance on their board while paddling and standing. Perfecting your balance takes time to master, but practicing at home can help you improve your balance and confidence, before you get in the water.

An Indo Board is a great tool to help surfers practice their skills, at home. This indoor surfing trainer is designed to help surfers of all fitness and skill levels, develop balance and core muscle strength. Whether you catch a wave every couple of days or you can only get to the beach a few times a month, working on your balance between surfing sessions helps with muscle memory, coordination and reflexes.

Indo Board Original Training Package

This popular training package features the classic deck (available in 11 different colors), a roller and a cushion. The roller and cushion provide different types of instability for your training sessions. The deck of the Indo Board measures 30 inches long by 18 inches wide by 11/16 inches thick, and is made from cabinet-grade Baltic birch plywood. The roller has a 6.5-inch diameter, and is made from indestructible molded plastic. The cushion size is 14 inches in diameter, and you can inflate it with your mouth or an air pump to your preferred level. The training package also includes an exercise poster and instructional DVD to help you perfect your surfing skills.The Indo Board Original Training Package sells for $189.95. (link for purchase)

Indo Board Pro Training Package

The Indo Board Pro Training Package is for athletes who are experienced with board sports and for riders who are 6 feet tall or taller. The deck size is 42 inches long by 15 inches wide by 11/16 inches thick, and has a non-slip grit coat applied to the riding surface. The roller has an 8.5-inch diameter, and has three non-slip strips to keep the roller in place. The 24-inch diameter "Gigante" cushion features mouth inflation and is adjustable. The deck even comes in three different color options so you can customize your own training package. The Indo Board Pro Training Package costs between $329.95 and $339.95, depending on the deck design. (Link for purchase)

Indo Board Original Deck and Roller

The Indo Board Original was the first of the training systems. Coated with a non-slip surface, the deck has 11 colors and designs to choose from. The deck dimensions are 30 inches long by 18 inches wide by 11/16 inches thick. The roller is 6.5 inches in diameter. The deck has a weight capacity of 350 pounds. The roller has three strips of gripping tape for positioning it in the spot of your choice.The Indo Board Original Deck and Roller set retails between $159.95 and $189.95, depending on the chosen design. (Link for purchase)

Who is the Indo Board For?

Indo Boards are for anyone who does a board sport or and want to improve their balance. Older kids, teens and adults alike, can all benefit from training on an Indo Board. You don't need any athletic skills to use an Indo Board. But if you are an athlete, you'll find that the Indo Board offers a challenge and helps improve your performance and reflexes. The Indo Board even works well for people who do yoga and are looking for more of a challenge in their routine.

When to Use an Indo Board?

One of the best qualities about the Indo Board is it can be used under almost any circumstance. During periods of bad weather and poor surf conditions, you can use the Indo Board to maintain your muscle memory. You can even use the Indo Board when you're recovering from an injury. No two workouts on the Indo Board have to be the same, so it's a fun way to change up your fitness routine and keep yourself motivated, at any time or place.

These Indo Boards are a perfect way to work out and enhance your balance when you're not on the water. A thorough workout with an Indo Board doesn’t take very long, , but it can significantly helps with core muscle strength, balance and coordination and help you grow your skills and confidence as a surfer.