Si Balance Boards Review

Surfing requires a lot of core muscle strength and excellent balance. Surfers need a strong sense of internal balance to be able to rapidly respond to changing conditions in the water. If you're looking to improve your balance, strengthen your core and build endurance, Si Boards can help. Si boards are a type of board that include a handmade balance board, medicine ball and ball rope integrated into the unit to help you increase your balance.. These boards come in a variety of shapes, including diamond, surfboard, skateboard, snowboard, or oval, to help any person who wants to improve their balance and overall fitness.

Choosing an Si Board

With so many options for Si Boards, you may not be sure of which one is right for you. If you're a beginner, Si Balance Boards are a good fit for you. They come in a range of sizes based on your height, weight and skill level. For height, there are extra-small to large boards, with the extra-small boards designed for kids. When considering your weight, people who weigh 220 pounds or less or who are beginners should choose a starter board. Original boards are ideal for people who are more advanced or who weigh more than 220 pounds.

Si Balance Boards Review

Si Balance Board is a great balance board for surfing practice. They are available in a variety of lengths including extra small kid's boards (18 inches), small boards (27-41 inches), medium boards (36-42 inches) and large boards (45 inches.)Their width ranges from 10 inches 19 inches, depending on the length of the board.. Si Balance Boards are available with 3-inch mini balls, 5-inch half balls and 5- to 8.5-inch full balls. As you advance your skill set, you can add rail extensions and additional balls to your kit.

The pricing for Si Balance Boards ranges from $95 for the extra-small kids' starter kit to $1,700 for the large boards with performance pack bundles.

Si Ultimate Fitness Boards and Bundles

Si Ultimate Fitness Boards are available individually or as part of a fitness bundle. Fitness bundles include a large board size, and they function as a six-in-one fitness system. The accessories for the bundles include a wobble, rocker, diagonal, central or side dominant balance board, depending on your stance and what type of ball you put into the board. Up to eight different resistance bands can be added to your fitness board to create a variety of ways to exercise your body, work on your balance and strengthen your core muscles.Si Ultimate Fitness boards sell for $200, and fitness bundles start at $450.

Who are Si Boards For?

Si Boards are made for anyone working towards a stronger, more flexible and fitter body.

The low-impact workouts make Si Boards ideal if you are just getting started as a surfer. These boards are also good for kids who are new to surfing because they help groms develop balance and coordination, which can help with injury prevention.

Whether you're a pro-surfer, or a performance athlete in another sport, you can incorporate Si boards into your workout routine, to help stay in shape. . For athletes who participate in more than one sport, Si Boards comes with sport-specific training exercises. Si Boards are also great for anyone who gets bored working out the same way, again and again.

In order to grow and thrive as a surfer, your body needs to be strong, flexible and coordinated. When you're not surfing, doing balance training exercises is an ideal way to stay in shape and responsive to changing conditions. An Si Board is a great investment,designed to help old and new surfers improve their surfing skills so they can better enjoy surfing out on the waves.