Surf Helmets Review (2020 Edition)

Not familiar with surfing helmets? We got you. And your noggin.

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    What Is a Surf Helmet?

    In simple terms, surf helmet is one that is specifically designed to protect your head while surfing. They are different from ordinary bicycle helmets, climbing helmets, etc.

    Why Do You Need A Surf Helmet?

    • Collision : Surfing involves speed. There is a risk of collision with other surfers or even the board itself. Shallow reefs also pose great risk of head injuries.
    • Protection From Elements: Surf helmets offer protection against elements like the wind and sun. They keep our heads warm. Well-fitting helmets can also protect us from perforated eardrums caused by water pressure or hitting the water hard.
    • When Should you Wear a Surf Helmet?

    It is ideal for you to wear your helmet all the time when surfing.

    • When Surfing Shallow reefs: Being thrown off your board in a shallow reef may result in your head hitting something. Surfers have died of unconsciousness after a collision. This is likely to happen if you surf shallow reefs where the waves are breaking on the coral reefs.
    • In Big Waves: In the event of a wipe out and you are thrown off the board, you may be rendered. Having your helmet on may save you from a potentially fatal situation.
    • When Surfing in Crowds: Surfing in a crowd poses the danger of colliding with other surfers. It is therefore advisable to wear your helmet.
    • Too windy or Too Sunny: In both conditions, a helmet will come in handy. Surf helmets are designed to keep you warm and protect you against over-exposure to the sun.

    What to Look Out For When Buying a Surf Helmet

    Surfing Helmet Style

    There are three types of surf helmet available.

    • Full-face helmets: They cover the head and face to offer you peerless protection. However, this puts you in a restrictive position.
    • Full-Cut Helmets: They cover the head and your ears offering warmth. They may be a little restrictive but have more freedom compared to the full-face ones.
    • Half-cut Helmets: They covers the head leaving out your face and ears. They are lighter and have more freedom.

    Water Drainage

    A good surf helmet should not hold water and should drain efficiently.


    This is more of a personal consideration than it is universal. Different parts of surf helmets are made of different materials to serve their respective purpose. The outer part needs strong material to guarantee protection while the inner parts should be well padded to provide comfort and ability to absorb shock.

    Comfort, Fit & Weight

    No one wants a heavy, uncomfortable, and loosely fitting helmet on their head. This may even require physically testing it to get the three right.


    As a buyer, you always look for the best there is for your budget. The price of any purchase should give value for your money.

    Visor Option

    Visors come in different designs. You should check for one that gives you a wide-angle view. It should not restrict your vision. Some brands will also come with detachable visors. Be keen on how strong the visor is mounted.

    Ear Options

    You should also check on the quality of the ear protectors. They should comfortably cover your ears without fitting too tight. Many brands are designing with removable ear guards.

    Neoprene vs EVA Headband

    These two materials are responsible for your comfort. But most importantly, they are the chief shock absorbers in case of impact. Both of them are quality material for padding but you will have to make sure the construction and thickness is good for the purposes.

    Let's Review Surf Helmets


    Gath SFC Convertible Safety Surf Helmet

    It is the most applauded surf helmet on the beach. The next-gen design, high impact resistance, comfortable non-water absorbent foam and quick release buckles are some of the noteworthy features to expect in this helmet. This is the lightest option for surfers. The detachable ear connectors are a good option in different conditions.


    Gath Helmet and Retractable Visor

    It is a world-class product. The transparent visor and a high impact plastic shell makes this modifiable helmet one of the highly recommended in the market.

    The visor gives 98% UV protection. A non-water absorbent foam is generously tucked inside for maximum comfort and safety.


    Gath EVA Sport Hat Helmet

    This aerodynamic protective gear was designed for skydiving and kayaking but many other sportsmen have found themselves using it as well. It is tough on the shell but soft inside to give you excellent comfort. Other most outstanding features of this helmet are the super lightweight and adjustable forehead foam protection and audio vets.

    Gath Neo Sport Helmet

    Starting from inside, this super lightweight helmet features a high-quality non-water absorbent liners with a 10mm thick headband. This is a perfect multi-impact resistance mechanism. The headband is expandable and gives a remarkable snug fit that minimizes water flow over your eyes.

    The shell is made of shatter-proof plastic with a top-quality visor which allows you a wide view. It is constructed to strict specifications and comes with a 3-year warranty.

    NP Watersports Surfing Helmet

    It may amaze you how lightweight it is, yet provides good head protection. It is made from a tough ABC outer cover with and EVA inner lining which is super soft.

    It has an adjustable chin strap that make it easy to fit. The shell and the ear protector are well ventilated making it matchless underwater.

    Tontron Adult Multi-Sport Helmet

    She goes everywhere. On oceans, lakes, rivers and land. The Tontron AdultMulti-Sport Helmet was not designed with limits.

    It is a multi-sports gear with a high impact ABS Shell and quality detachable ear guards that provide ultimate security against hard-hitting water and other elements. The next-gen modifiable closure system makes it possible to adjust depending on user head size. This winsome helmet has high-density soft EVA liner which is waterproof. It provides great comfort as you surf.

    Pro-Tech Full Cut Water Helmet

    When a helmet is designed with a handy rear mount strap, then it is made for the adventure. You can mount a headlight or a camera. A dual-density EVA interior with a high-quality ABS outer mould are indicators of safety. This great solid design blends style and performance in a world-class manner.

    Pro-Tech Ace Water Helmet

    We don’t need to complicate our head protection. Pro-tech Acer Water Helmet is a simple half-cut helmet with a hard plastic outer shell for optimal protection. The inner lining is soft and shock absorbent and the whole construction is lightweight and well ventilated. Enjoy the freedom of a half-cut surf helmet.

    Arospec Watersports Safety Helmet

    It was constructed with ABS plastic shell with EVA waterproof interior padding. This is why it is one of the strongest and durable helmets which come with outstanding comfort. The detachable ear protectors add a good sense of style for ear protection. 11 air ventilation are featured in this dynamic helmet making it excellent for breathing and drainage. For security, it has a quick-release buckle and unique headlock system. It is the best choice if you consider an adventure in tough conditions. The shell, liner, ear protectors and then the lock system work together for your safety.

    Gath Gedi Helmet

    This is the most advantageous helmet. It comes half-cut but gives you options to add accessories like visor and ear guards depending on the situation. You can convert it by adding or removing accessories. It has a strong outer cover and the interior is made of highly absorbent EPS form. It’s a well-ventilated helmet.

    Surfing Helmet FAQs