Solarez Surfboard Ding Repair Review

Little dings and dents are a normal part of surfing. But making repairs to those small areas of damage helps keep equipment in its best good condition and also helps you better enjoy the waves. After each surfing session, it is important to wash your board. While washing it, this is a good time to check the board for dents and dings. Most of the damage will be minor and easy to repair, but taking care of these little damages prevents the damage from getting worse.

One of the leading manufacturers of epoxies for repairing surfboards is Solarez. The company makes two products for taking care of those minor surface issues before they become major structural problems with your surfboard. Take a look at a few of Solarez most popular repair products.

Solarez Weenie

Solarez Weenie is a fiber-reinforced polymer resin that is combined with a solar-activated catalyst for curing the product. It is non-yellowing, has a glossy clear finish and is known for its high strength. To use Solarez Weenie, simply squeeze it out of the tube and apply it to where the little dings are located on the surfboard. Because it has no bubbles, it is easy to apply to any type of damage.

The Solarez Weenie even works when exposed to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. There are no peroxides in the Solarez Weenie, so it won’t affect the color areas of the surfboard. It gels in just 30 seconds and cures in three minutes of sunlight exposure. After the Solarez Weenie has cured, use the included 60/240 grit sanding pad to smooth the affected area of the surfboard.And Solarez Weenie is affordable. A 0.5-ounce tube sells for $4.65.

Solarez Epoxy Repair Putty

Solarez epoxy repair putty is also a fiber-reinforced epoxy resin. It is clear, and it contains urethanes that do not yellow even when exposed to sunlight. The high-strength resin cures quickly thanks to the solar-activated catalyst that is blended into the product. No mixing is required, making this repair putty easy, even for a grom to use. It does not release any vapors and is environmentally friendly and non-flammable.

The Solarez epoxy repair putty provides complete cross-linking, so little dents and dings are completely filled in once the putty cures. The putty gels in just five seconds and cures after three minutes of exposure to direct sunlight. The package comes with a 60/240 grit sanding pad for smoothing the hardened putty into the undamaged area of the surfboard.A 1.0-ounce tube of Solarez epoxy repair putty costs $9.50.

How to Use the Solarez Weenie or Epoxy Repair Putty

The process of repairing dents and dings with these Solarez products is simple. To begin, remove debris from the dent. Then fill the ding with Solarez. For repairs to the nose or tail, use plastic to make a dam for stopping the Solarez repair putty from spreading to areas where it is not needed. Expose the repaired area to direct sunlight for three minutes. Finally, sand the edges for a smooth finish. The product also comes with detailed instructions for making repairs to a surfboard’s nose, fins, tail and rail.

Who Should Use the Solarez Products for Ding Repair

Dents and dings in the surfboard are a common part of surfing. Every surfer should be able to identify this type of damage and learn how to repair it. The ideal method is to thoroughly inspect the surfboard when you get out of the water for the day. While rinsing the board with fresh water, look over the board for possible problems. Making repairs as soon as you see the damage prevents the dents or dings from going deeper into the board, spreading over a wider area, and becoming serious.

Caring for your surfboard is an essential part of being a surfer. Taking the time to repair the small dents and dings extends the lifespan of the board and helps you to develop a sense of stewardship. These Solarez products simplify the process of repairing your board properly, helping you to get back on the waves as quickly as possible.

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