Best Microspikes For Hiking In Mud

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Hiking is a recreational sport practiced by many, either to keep fit or as a hobby. Hikers often run into mud during rainy seasons. Microspikes are traction devices that are helpful and necessary for muddy terrains and winter hikes. Microspikes are available in numerous price ranges for functions like trail running, winter adventures, and cold weather adventures.

Some of the best microspikes you can find in the market include Kahtoola, Hillsound, Uni-Gear, Yaktrax, CAMP Snowline, and many more. This article will discuss in-depth the microspikes mentioned above.

What Microspikes Are Best For Mud Hiking?

Some of the best microspikes for your hiking boots will be discussed below; although the choice for a user will also depend on the price range, durability, ease of use, weight, etc.

1. The Kahtoola Microspikes:

This brand of hiking microspikes has a spike length of 0.95 cm. It is made of stainless steel and elastomer and weighs 0.7 pounds. Kahtoola is unarguably the leading brand of microspikes with traction cleats.

The word microspikes originated from a specific brand of footwear traction devices made by the Kahtoola spikes. If in search of a tested, trusted, and reliable brand, Kahtoola is one of the best choices.

Kahtoola’s microspikes are 12 0.95 cm stainless steel spikes on each pair of shoes. These spikes are strong enough to grip the surface of icy and mud terrain during winter hiking or trail running. Some of the spikes are made with tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide provides more traction that is more aggressive over snow and ice terrains, slippery surfaces, and other mixed terrains.

The spikes are connected by flex chains attached to the elastomer harness that covers the shoe using a Velcro strap, metal chains, or stainless-steel coils. The flexible harness makes it easy to fasten the spikes to your shoes. All these features come together to make it one of the best traction devices for mud, snow, and ice, as well as other slick surfaces.

The Kahtoola microspikes can use multiple types of footwear like tennis shoes, running shoes, hiking boots, and insulated boots. It is commonly used as a single pair on one set of shoes. It is a very durable brand. Kahtoola provides a two-year warranty on this product.

2. The Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultra

The spike length is 1.5 cm. It has carbon steel spikes and an elastomer harness weighing 0.98 pounds. It is similar in design to the Kahtoola microspikes and works perfectly in mud terrains. It can be used as a technical crampon in rugged terrains like regions of packed snow and ice cleats.

The Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultra is built with carbon/steel spikes, stainless steel chains, and an elastomer harness. The Hillsound Trail Crampons are heavier than. The spike length is longer, which makes the grip better even for winter hiking.

It has a well-designed plate system that fits well with the hiking shoes. You can wear this footwear traction device with minimal foot and ankle fatigue.

Sometimes the feeling that the microspikes are weightless is possible because it is designed perfectly. Carbon steel is made of metal spikes explains the reduced weight.

Nevertheless, Hillsound comes second to Kahtoola in ease of use, as it is more difficult to fix one’s shoe, especially when the hands are weak.

3. The Unigear Traction Cleats

This brand has a spike length of 1.3cm and a weight of 0.75 pounds. It is made of elastomer and stainless-steel materials.

It has a price advantage of about half of the Kahtoola microspikes or Hillsound trail spikes. It often comes with a carry bag on purchase which can be used to store the spikes long-term and other traction devices owned.

The spike length is slightly longer than Kahtoola’s spikes and weighs a bit more. It has eighteen metal spikes per foot for the adult size and about ten spikes per foot for the kid’s size.

The hooks on its elastomer harness make it easy to easily pull this device on and off the shoes.

Additionally, the Unigear cleats have a loop strap that secures the cleats over the top of the shoes or boot. This is important for long-distance hikers and runners traverse icy trails or surfaces.

Unigear microspikes for hiking do not have a warranty; however, they come with a 60-day guarantee that allows the purchase to be returned for any reason within that time frame.

The Yaktrax Diamond Grip

This brand of microspikes provides robust and solid traction for all mud walking conditions. It has customized diamond-shaped beads with hundreds of gripping edges that grip from all angles.

It is made of case-hardened steel alloy and fasted with steel aircraft-grade cable. They are very strong and are a good fit for people who are hiking in muddy terrains, steep terrain, or solid ice, and long-distance trail runners.

The only con to this hiking footwear is that they hold wet sticky mud and thick ice cleats at the onset of the rainy season, especially for hikers traversing icy trails, but that is not a serious disadvantage.

They can be used for over three years and remain strong even in icy conditions. The rubber is very long-lasting, and it is custom-made for various shoe sizes. It is safe to use over icy surfaces.

CAMP Snowline Chainsen Ultra

This pull-on microspikes provides extra traction on mud-packed hiking trails, is very important for numerous outings, and is perfect on many types of winter boots.

This model of the Chainsen series is coupled with two mini horizontal spikes in front of the toe, making it easier to move over elevated muddy surfaces or during vertical ice climbing.

The burly elastomer covers the toe and heel to provide adequate covering and comfort for the wearer. It is one of the best winter traction devices.

This winter traction device is specially made for outdoor hiking in mud or deep snow and is not designed for rugged terrains or climbing.

The material quality is fantastic. It is sturdy but soft and classic rubber and crampon plates fitted with ice spikes. It does not dry out and doesn’t crack. It functions simultaneously as mud spikes and as snow spikes.