Best Places To Kayak In Kansas

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Kansas is not a state that comes to the mind of many when considering kayaking destinations and locations. However, Kansas is home to some excellent kayaking locations; the trick is to know how to find them. Paddling ins Kansas is not something that many have considered, which leaves us with the question, what is kayaking in Kansas like?

Kayaking in Kansas is beautiful and tranquil. The weather is almost always ideal for kayaking. The water in Kansas is smooth and gentle, ideal for beginners and those who want a peaceful day on the water. Kayaking in Kansas is the perfect getaway from the normal business of life.

Kansas has much more to it than what meets the eye. This state is full of treasures that are only found by those with the eyes to look, and those who do will find themselves in a land of wonder and beauty that many others miss entirely. Let’s take a closer look at the kayaking experiences available in Kansas.

Kayaking In Kansas

Kansas is a state of wide-open spaces and epic scenery. There is so much to see in this area that is hidden from those who are not paying attention.

Many disregard Kansas regarding paddling, but those who do are missing out on some special experiences. Kansas is home to many stunning waterways, rivers, streams, and lakes that are ideal for kayaking. 

The water in Kansas is smooth and flat, and this is the perfect place to learn to kayak or to hone kayaking skills. Every significant kayaking location in Kansas is very safe, incredibly tranquil, offers views that are not available anywhere else.

Exploring Kansas from the seat of a kayak is one of the best ways to experience the beauty of this state, much of which is only viable when navigating one of Kansas’ long winding rivers.

Every river and every lake in Kansas makes for ideal paddling and provides an excellent practice ground for beginners and an every better training ground for expert paddlers who want to improve their fitness or hone their paddling skills.

Kansas is home to many waterways that are ideal for kayak camping and fishing excursions and several lakes that are a joy to explore. There is plenty of wildlife to find and many beautiful locations to discover while kayaking. These locations offer fun and enjoyment for kayakers of every skill level, regardless of how they plan their kayaking trips.

The weather in Kansas is very temperate all year round and ideal for kayaking, except for a few months in the winter that can get cold enough to make kayaking a challenge.

Kayaking in Kansas is beautiful, tranquil, and unique. This state is ideal for day trip kayaking and for multi-day kayak camping trips into the wilderness. There is something special for every kayaker in this incredible state.

The Best Kayaking Locations In Kansas 

Kansas is home to several ideal kayaking locations that are perfect for paddlers of every skill level. Regardless of what you seek to experience on a kayaking trip, there is something for you in Kansas.

Let’s take the time to explore some of the best kayaking locations in Kansas and highlight some of the unique and captivating experiences there are to be had on the lakes and waterways of the Sunflower State.

The Kansas River

The Kansas River is vast. This river covers an area of 53 000 square miles and crosses into three states. This river offers some of the most beautiful and pristine kayaking locations available anywhere.

The water of the Kansas River is mostly calm, and this river offers a smooth ride for any kayaker who wants to explore and enjoy a day on the water.

The Kansas River offers many locations for fishing and viewing wildlife and is a birder’s delight. There are multiple rest spots and campsites along the river that make this waterway ideal for multi-day trips.

This river is safe, calm, peaceful, and ideal for beginner kayakers and advanced paddlers who are looking for a more laid-back adventure.

Wilson Lake

Wilson Lake is situated within the Wilson State Park in Kansas, which means that this lake is within a protected area. Protected areas make the best kayaking locations as they are completely unspoiled and preserved for the enjoyment of paddlers.

This lake offers some incredible scenery, and the large, open, flat expanse of water is particularly beautiful at sunrise and sunset.

This lake is calm and flat with little wind and is ideal for beginner and intermediate paddlers. There is plenty of wildlife and waterfowl to see while exploring the water of Wilson Lake. 

This location is ideal for a long day on the water but not be ideal for multi-day trips as getting in and out of the water can be challenging due to rocky crags at certain areas of the shoreline, which would make camping difficult.

Wilson Lake is perfect for a day of hard kayak training and for a peaceful day on the water. Be sure to consider Wilson Lake for a day trip the next time you are looking for a kayaking location.

Lake Scott

Lake Scott is another State Park location that is exceedingly tranquil and beautiful, much all of the water in Kansas. Lake Scott State Park is included in National Geographic’s list of the 50 must-see state parks. 

This lake is nestled within a canyon in the middle of a Kansas prairie and so is not a widely known kayaking location. This means that Lake Scott is often very quiet, which makes it ideal for a peaceful getaway.

Lake Scott is surrounded by magnificent scenery and offers some of the best sightings of wildlife, such as white-tailed deer and several rarely sighted birds.

This place is a kayakers’ dream and is the ideal location to get away from the business of life and a perfect place for soaking in the beauty of Kansas’ wilderness.

Regardless of your skill level, be sure to visit Lake Scott with your kayak as soon as you can. This place is good for the soul.


Kayaking in Kansas is beautiful. This state offers some of the most tranquil and peaceful kayaking experiences anywhere. It is a mistake to overlook the waterways and lakes of Kansas when choosing a kayaking destination, as you never know what you may find in the vast expanse of these waters.

Remember to bring a lifejacket and be sure to read up on the regulations surrounding kayaking in this state. Take your time to choose your perfect location, and head out with the family or on your own to get away from it all by taking a Kayak into the waters of Kansas.