Kayaking In New Mexico

Do you have enjoy adventure and love of nature? Perfect than kayaking is the activity for you!

Kayaking involves a long, narrow watercraft propelled through the occupants using paddles to navigate the craft. In New Mexico, one can kayak at a few places, including Santa Cruz Lake and Middle Taos Box near Albuquerque. Some places teach how to kayak.

There is entertainment and fun to be enjoyed with this paddle-propelled watercraft sport; there are some things you might need to ponder about before taking on this adventure, though.

Kayaking In New Mexico

Kayaking is a fun activity whether you’re doing it alone, with family, or with friends. It could also be a great team-building activity to do on corporate retreats or just with your office staff. Kayaking is not too difficult to learn, but unfortunately for most people, it is not as easy as getting into the boat and going.

Getting into the boat can be tricky in itself as it might be a little bit shaky or wobbly, especially if you are the first person attempting to get into a two-person kayak. It would be helpful if your partner for the kayak trip held the boat steady while you climb in; it gets even more tricky when the second person needs to enter the craft.

You already being in the kayak would need to stabilize it and make sure that it does not float far away from the shore for your counterpart to enter the kayak quickly. If both of you are new to kayaking, it might be helpful to have a third person help and stabilize the kayak from the outside until you both are in.

Once you and your counterpart are in the kayak, you need to have a paddle with you. Kayak paddles or oars are usually long enough to cover the entire span of the boat; they have two blades, one on either side of the paddle. The front and the back of the paddles then alternate to steer the boat.

First, the one side of the paddle goes into the water while the other side of the paddle is in the air, it is a horizontal shape with your body, then the other side goes in the water while the side that was initially in the water is now in the air. The quicker you make this move, the quicker the kayak moves.

In a two-person kayak, the craft is steered by the person sitting at the back. The stronger of the two people should sit at the back of the kayak to do the steering as it is not easy and requires more power to steer the kayak. If, however, the stronger person is new to kayaking, perhaps they should be in the front.

Do You Need A Papers To Kayak In New Mexico?

In some states, canoes and kayaks do not require permits or boaters’ education as they are non-motorized vessels; this is, however, not the case in New Mexico. In New Mexico, any boaters born after 1989 must have proof of their boater’s education with them wherever they are on their craft.

The kayak itself does not need a permit unless it is motorized and longer than 10 feet. If you have your boater’s education and a non-motorized kayak, you are good to go; well, maybe you need to get a lesson or two first, or even consult a YouTube video which might help you give a general idea of how to kayak.

What Are The Dangers of Kayaking?

While kayaking is a fantastic sport that can be extremely fun, there are also some genuine dangers that one should be aware of to be best prepared if one might encounter one of the many dangers of kayaking. One of these dangers is drowning. It could be avoided easily enough.

Firstly, having some lessons to know what you’re doing on the kayak would be beneficial, secondly wearing your life jacket as required by the state of New Mexico would also help. If your kayak capsizes and you are wearing your life jacket as you should be, the risk of you drowning dramatically decreases as the life jacket supports you.

You might think you’re “too cool” for a life jacket, especially if you’re still young and believe that you can accomplish anything, but wearing your life jacket might save your life. You might get into a completely unexpected situation on the water that you can’t bring yourself out of, and that life jacket will be your saving grace.

Another danger is sunburn, it sounds ridiculous, but the sun is a dangerous enemy. Sunstroke is a genuine danger, and if you are out on the water when sunstroke sets in, you might have difficulty getting back to shore without help. There are ways to prevent sunburn and sunstroke, thankfully.

Make sure you drink enough water, take an extra bottle of water if you are planning a long kayak session. Put on enough sunscreen and apply again regularly and wear a hat or a cap and glasses to shield your face and eyes from the sun. With the proper precautions, kayaking is a lot of fun.

Other dangers include hypothermia which can be avoided if you don’t kayak in freezing temperatures or wear a wetsuit when you do kayak in freezing waters, and injuries to your shoulders or wrists, which you can avoid by not overexerting yourself; you need to build up the strength to make long kayak trips.


Kayaking is a beautiful adventure where you become one with nature and get some good exercise in. In New Mexico, you would need to have a boater’s education if you were born after 1989, and you would need to wear your life jacket at all times. Thankfully you would not need a permit for the kayak itself.

If you are newbie to the sport, it might be best to get some lessons before you go on your adventure, and the stronger person or the person with the most experience kayaking should sit at the back of the boat. There are some dangers to consider when kayaking, but if you’re well prepared, nothing but fun awaits.