Kayaking In Rhode Island

Do you hear adventure calling? Perhaps you should answer by taking up kayaking, a great sport to do alone or with a partner, and an excellent way to connect with nature.

Rhode Island is an excellent place for young and old to learn to love the adventure of kayaking. Kayaking can be a sport for one or two people; you can purchase your kayak, although there are many places to rent a single or tandem kayak in Rhode Island.

Kayaking can be a great bonding tool or just a great way to blow off some steam; if you live in Rhode Island or plan to travel to Rhode Island soon, there are plenty of options to go kayaking.

Kayaking In Rhode Island

There are a lot of areas in Rhode Island where one can kayak, and one can rent a kayak. From East Coast paddle sports situated in Wakefield to Watch Hill Outfitters in Westerly, a tackle shop that does kayak rentals, to Jamestown Outdoors in Jamestown who also rent out kayaks.

All of these mentioned above rental facilities have received 5-star reviews on Google and come highly recommended. Anywhere you are in Rhode Island, there will be a kayak rental facility waiting for you to start your adventure. There are things that you should be considering before you tackle the sport of kayaking.

You would need to know how to swim to enjoy your kayaking adventure properly. The intention is to stay upright in the kayak and paddle to the desired destination or paddle along the water to see amazing views and enjoy the exercise. However, unexpected things happen, and you might end up in the water.

If you are in the position where your kayak has capsized, you need to know how to swim, you may be wearing a life jacket in the case, but that might not necessarily be enough. If your kayak has only capsized and you need to turn it around and get back in, wearing a life jacket might be all you need.

Unfortunately, things happen that we can not plan for but can prepare for; for example, your kayak might hit a rock and break in half, and you would be required to swim to shore. This is an improbable scenario, yet things do happen which are out of our control, and it is best to be prepared if you can’t swim, take lessons.

Being able to swim would put you at a more significant advantage when going on a kayaking adventure. It would be better to be able to swim and not need to swim than to need to swim and not be able to swim. You should also practice entering the kayak from the water if it capsizes and you are too far from shore to swim.

Do You Need Papers To Kayak In Rhode Island?

In Rhode Island, it is not necessary to have a permit for a non-motorized vessel less than 12 feet in length. Rhode Island also does not require a license or Boater’s education to operate a non-motorized vessel. It falls to the parent or guardian to decide if your child is skilled and responsible enough to kayak independently.

Can You Drink And Kayak in Rhode Island?

If you’re enjoying a camping trip having some beers and want to take your kayak out on the water, you might need to think twice as you can receive a DUI for being drunk while operating your kayak. It may seem odd to us, but many waterways have many children making use of them.

Accidents happen so quickly even when we are not under the influence, so one can’t blame the government for wanting us to take extra precautions. You wouldn’t want one too many beers to cause irreversible pain and damage to people or property, so instead, have that beer after you have had your kayaking adventure for the day.

Should You Wear A Life Jacket While Kayaking in Rhode Island?

The law requires children 13 and younger to wear a life jacket while on the vessel; for those older than 13, they are required to have a life jacket or personal floatation device easily accessible on the boat, although they are not required to wear it while on the vessel.

Since you need to have it easily accessible on the vessel and there is not too much storage space on a kayak, it might be best to wear your life jacket. It can’t do any harm to be wearing your life jacket instead of just having it stored on the kayak.

Precautions To Take When Kayaking

Kayaking is great fun, but there are some dangers involved as in most adventurous activities. Some of these dangers may seem silly, but they need to be taken very seriously. One of the dangers is sunstroke; the sun is a serious enemy and needs to be given the necessary respect. Wear sunscreen, keep hydrated and wear a hat.

If you plan to kayak during the winter months or in icy water, it might be wise to wear a thermal wetsuit to protect yourself from hypothermia. It is essential to consider the water temperature and not the air temperature.


Kayaking is an incredible adventure, and in Rhode Island, there seems to be a kayak rental place around every corner; there is no excuse not to give the sport a try. Don’t try it while under the influence of alcohol, as this can result in you getting a DUI or, worse, causing someone pain or property damage.

If you want to go kayaking, it would be good to have a few things in place first, like swimming; it is also essential to wear your life jacket, sunscreen, a cap, and have some extra water with you. If you’re planning on kayaking in the cold, then a wet suit might be in order. With the right attire, you are ready to go on your kayaking adventure.