Best Places To Kayak In Vermont

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Vermont is a state full of incredibly beautiful lakes and rivers, featuring limitless areas for the avid kayaker to explore. Vermont is a state that features endless wildlife, rolling hills, and rich forested areas, all making for unbelievable scenery to enjoy while paddling.

With over 40,000 acres of lakes and 4,000 miles of rivers and streams, Vermont is overwhelmed with options in terms of kayaking areas. Clyde River, Harvey’s Lake, Connecticut River, and Moore Reservoir are just some of a few options, all boasting great facilities for boat rental and other amenities.

Vermont is well-known for its paddling and kayaking opportunities, and with endlessly beautiful landscapes to explore, you will never be short of options for exploration. Whether you are headed on a self-guided adventure, or you are looking for someone to guide you, this breathtaking state will have precisely what you are looking for in terms of your paddling adventure.

Kayaking In Vermont

With such an overwhelming array of choices, it can become exceptionally difficult to make a choice when it comes to your kayaking adventure. There are endless options, all with their own unique advantages and disadvantages.

There are also numerous factors that come into play, such as price, location, and the available accommodation in the area, and whether this is suitable for your needs and desires. The difficulty of the paddling in the area is another major determining factor that will assist in your decision-making.

Whether you are an experienced paddler or an absolute novice, there is an area of Vermont for you that will be perfectly suited to your skill levels. There are numerous canoeing and kayaking experts in the area that will be able to attend to your every need.

Whether you are in need of lessons, gear, and equipment rental, or guided paddling trips on white water or flat water regions, there will be someone to assist you.

If you’re all paddled-out and in need of some well-deserved rest at the end of the day, Vermont is host to a large collection of mountain resorts that offer every possible comfort you could require.

Whether you’re after a lazy afternoon paddle or a multi-day adventure kayaking through gorgeous scenery, Vermont has what you need and more.

Lone Rock Point

This is an extremely popular destination for all types of outdoor enthusiasts and is home to the birthplace of Vermont’s Green Mountains.

The kayak paddle to Lone Rock Point is an incredibly enjoyable one, with beautiful rock formations to be seen in every direction. This is thanks to the tectonic forces in the area that created a thrust fault.

Entry is usually through North Beach, and the paddle from here to Lone Rock Point is a mere 0.8 miles northwards along the shore. For those feeling a little more adventurous, paddling further north will reveal several sights, including a series of forested bluffs.

The Missisquoi

This is part of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail and moves southwards from Quebec through a series of incredible farmlands before landing you at Missisquoi Bay at Lake Champlain. This route boasts incredible views of the Green Mountains and forms part of Vermont’s 46 miles of specially designated National Wild and Scenic Rivers.

If you’d prefer a shorter kayak trip over one or two days, there is another great option leading from Davis Park in Richard, taking you 22 miles west towards Enosburg Falls. This presents the opportunity to camp alongside the river on a bluff.

There are two other campsites along the route which allow you to make for a leisurely multi-day kayaking trip if you so wish.

The Connecticut River

This is an area that gives numerous options in terms of kayaking, whether you’re looking for a day trip or a longer, multi-day journey. One of the more popular options in this area is the section from East Ryegate to Hanover.

This multi-day paddling trip forms part of the Connecticut River Paddler’s Trail and takes you through over fifty miles of spectacular scenery, with an increasingly wide river featuring numerous campsites all along its banks.

The Lamoille

The Lamoille Paddler’s trail follows the river from Greensboro to Lake Champlain. There are three campsites along this route, each with around ten to fifteen miles between them, allowing for a choice between kayak day trips and three-to-four-night paddles.

If the water is high during spring, it would be possible to paddle all the way from Hardwick to Lake Champlain, provided you are comfortable with numerous portages throughout the trip.

Green River Reservoir State Park

This spectacular reservoir is wonderfully scenic and tranquil, with 28 campsites along its shoreline, which stretches over 19 miles. The majority of these campsites are only reachable through using a boat, ensuring absolute privacy but a need for portage.

This reservoir is situated in Hyde Park and makes for an unforgettable kayaking experience in a completely undeveloped area.

Lake Morey

Lake Morey is a relatively small lake, but it is exceptionally beautiful and well worth a visit. Situated in Eastern Vermont, Lake Morey is close to the border with New Hampshire and is very close to a small town called Lyme.

The Lake Morey Resort, situated on the edge of the lake, grants access to numerous beaches and kayaking facilities. Kayaking is also included if you are a guest at the hotel, which is an added bonus. Outside guests are also able to rent the kayaking equipment at an affordable rate.


Whether you prefer to go kayaking in a river or a lake, or you prefer to kayak on your own or as a group, the picturesque state of Vermont has everything you could ever need to enjoy an amazing kayaking holiday that is among the best you could experience across the globe.

With so many choices, it might be hard to know which one to choose, but if you pick an option that boasts all the features you are looking for in your ultimate kayaking adventure, you will be sure to find the perfect fit.