Kayaking The Sandy Hook Bay In New Jersey

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Although Sandy Hook offers plenty of coastal adventures, kayaking is the best way to explore the Atlantic shore. To help you make the most out of your Jersey Shore holiday, we have compiled a guide on all things kayaking in Sandy Hook Bay, New Jersey.                                     

Sandy Hook Bay boasts a scenic kayak trip suitable for paddlers of all skill and fitness levels. Revel in magnificent views of old naval infrastructure, tranquil beaches, and New York City. Rent a kayak from Sandy Hook Kayaks for an unforgettable summer adventure.  

Paddling Sandy Hook Bay is the ideal way to spend your summer vacation. However, this requires some careful planning to ensure that you create the most enjoyable kayaking experience. Read further to discover when, how, and where to launch your kayak in Sandy Hook Bay, New Jersey.

Kayaking The Sandy Hook Bay In New Jersey

Sandy Hook is a peninsula that rises north from one of New Jersey’s elbows and leads to New York City. Paddling from the landing to the point and back is approximately a 4-hour endeavor, give or take. However, you can shorten or lengthen the trip depending on your fitness level and how long you’d like to spend exploring the peninsula.

The calm winds and moderate chop make for a pleasant paddle, but it can become more difficult as the chop increases. Furthermore, rougher conditions make it challenging to avoid boats and shore fisherman. Fortunately, you can always swim to shore for a rest.

As you begin paddling, you will be greeted by a charming scene of naval housing and brick homes. Enjoy the classic New Jersey atmosphere before reaching the quiet, tranquil beach areas. This is a perfect spot to stop for a break since your only company will be a few fishermen and flocks of seagulls. Usually, you can find some swells and waves to ride towards the shore for a break.

There are numerous other opportunities for wave riding, particularly at the tip of the peninsula, where boat traffic and tidal currents create some nice swells. Further into your trip, you will be spoiled with a magnificent view of New York City. However, paddling over to the city requires greater expertise in avoiding traffic and a strong fitness level.

Paddling north of Sandy Hook leads to views of open Atlantic seas. This is a good point for beginners and intermediate kayakers to turn around to complete the second half of your trip. If you’re looking for a challenge, you can follow the shore down the east side of the peninsula. Be warned that there are no landings in this area, so you’ll have to go back all the way around to complete your trip.

What You Can Expect To Pay To Kayak The Sandy Hook Bay, New Jersey

Sandy Hook Kayaks provides the most enjoyable paddling experience on the Jersey Shore. They sell high-quality boards and kayaks, and all rentals include basic instruction. This is ideal for beginner and intermediate paddlers. Sandy Hook Kayaks offers several packages suited to your individual needs and the kayak experience you are looking for.

  • For adults and children older than 12 years, you can rent a single-seater kayak for $25 per hour.
  • For two adults or children older than six years that an adult accompanies, you can rent a two-seater kayak for $40 per hour.
  • You can rent kayaks at $40 per person per hour for larger groups. However, you will need to inquire about the specific rate depending on the size of your group.
  • For an unforgettable coastal experience, you can purchase a kayak sunset tour for $50 per hour per person.

The Best Time Of Year To Kayak The Sandy Hook Bay In New Jersey

The weather on the New Jersey coast is very similar to that of New York. The weather is changeable, with moderate precipitation all year. Snowfall is limited to December to March. Temperatures are usually milder, and there is less snow in the winter than in New York.

The Jersey Shore is famous for boasting memorable coastal vacations during the summer months. This time of year guarantees calm, warmer waters ideal for kayaking trips. However, if you want to avoid the bustling crowds of summer vacationers, it is best to visit during mid-spring, late summer, and early fall.

Furthermore, weekends are notoriously popular times to visit the Jersey Shore, so it is best to avoid planning your kayak trip on Saturdays and Sundays if you are looking for a peaceful getaway.

Whether you’re a beginner kayaker interested in a new experience or an experienced kayaker looking for a challenge, the Jersey Shore has it all during the summer. Here are just a few places in the state where you can go kayaking, either in your own kayak or one rented from a local shop.

1.     Basto River, Hammonton

Look for wildlife and flowering plants while kayaking in the Batsto River. This tributary of the Mullica River within Wharton State Forest offers a narrow, winding journey with plenty of opportunities for a break or even a picnic. The calm, clean waters make this an ideal kayaking trip. What’s best is that this route is remote and tucked away within a dense forest.

2.     Manasquan Reservoir, Howell

The reservoir is part of a 1,200-acre reservation that includes woods and wetlands, a 5-mile trail, fishing and boating spots, and a visitors center. Revel in the magnificent cedar trees and marshlands as you paddle.

3.     Maurice River, Salem and Cumberland Counties

The impressive species of plants and animals that inhabit this 50-mile river have made it a popular kayaking destination. The Wild and Scenic Rivers Act protects a portion of the river to preserve its natural beauty.

Don’t own a kayak? There are several kayak rental shops and river access points along the Maurice River route, which features traditional Pine Barrens cedar water and mature river birch along its beautiful banks.

4.     Navesink River, Rumson

At only 8 miles long, the Navesink River is significantly shorter than other kayaking spots in New Jersey, but it still offers views of beautiful homes, natural scenery, and wildlife. Enjoy tidal kayaking and a trip to Blackberry Bay Park, where you might see some marine animals, including dolphins. Alternatively, head to the nearby Shrewsbury River for even more kayaking routes.

5.     Parvin State Park, Pittsgrove

With three popular kayaking lakes — Thundergust Lake, Parvin Lake, and Muddy Run — you’ll never get bored of this 2,100-acre park, which also includes a swamp and hardwood and pine forests.

6.     Shrewsbury River, Oceanport

Kayakers with experience love the Shrewsbury River, which they can follow to Sandy Hook Bay and explore some of the area’s islands. The river is a vital estuary of Sandy Hook Bay, with marshes and coves teeming with marine life. This kayaking spot boasts vistas of the military ruins from when Sandy Hook was an essential part of protecting New York Harbor.

However, be cautious when kayaking here because the currents and tides under the bridges can be swift.


Sandy Hook Bay offers an unforgettable kayaking experience suitable for paddlers of all skill and fitness levels. Rent a kayak from Sandy Hook Kayaks and bask in the scenes of old naval infrastructure, tranquil beaches, and New York City. This is the perfect spot for a unique summer holiday.