The Best Kayak Apps For Android & iPhone

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In our modern digital age, I am sure you have heard the saying that there is an app for everything! Well, this also holds true for kayaking. Often, the biggest problem with the overwhelming quantity of apps is choosing the ones that are actually worthwhile and have value to offer! That’s where we come in. We have selected some of the best kayaking apps that we can recommend for your kayaking experience.

Our top selection for useful kayaking apps includes apps for water levels, news, and reviews, performance tracking for kayak training, and social networks for kayakers.

  • RiverFlows App
  • RiverCast App
  • KayakFirst Paddle App
  • Watersports Tracker
  • Paddling Magazine
  • The Kayak Fishing Network
  • RiverApp

Kayaking is a varied watersport discipline covering everything from river tours, kayak fishing, and recreational kayaking to whitewater adrenalin pounding rapids, kayak racing, and kayak surfing. The range of kayaking apps available bears testament to the diversity of the sport. Take a look at our selection of kayaking apps; you are sure to find one with relevance to your preferred kayaking style!

RiverFlows App

Water levels in lakes, dams, and rivers are key aspects of canoeing and kayaking activities. Lake levels can affect put-in places, and water levels on rivers can determine whether certain rapids or stretched of the river are navigable or not.

For kayak fishing, the water levels could determine where you will focus your fishing strategy that day and which species of fish you will target.

The RiverFlows app provides this valuable information for lakes and rivers across the United States. The data is compiled from various official reports on the water levels.

This app is superbly written and provides accurate, useful data. The only downside is that this app is only available for Android devices.

Download the Android app here:

RiverCast – Levels And Forecast

RiverCast is an app very similar to RiverFlows and offers information regarding river levels. This is not a dedicated kayaking app, but it is marketed as an app to monitor flooding. However, kayakers can use it to establish river levels and the flow rate of the rivers.

A nice feature is the ability to forecast river levels based on historical data and the release of water from dams on rivers. This is useful when planning kayaking trips in advance to ensure you will have enough water in the selected river at the time of your trip.

You can also create your own graphs to monitor your selection of rivers and get updated information on these rivers in particular.

This app is works on both Android and Apple formats.

Download RiverCast  for Android:

Download RiverCast for Apple:

KayakFirst Paddle App

This app is a sports app oriented to helping kayakers train for racing. The app offers tracking of stroke rates, interval timing, performance measurement, elapsed time, and distance traveled.

The app also allows for the planning of kayaking workouts geared for certain racing styles, sprints, or endurance training. It includes calendar options for scheduling workouts and stores all your training data to track your performance improvement over time.

KayakFirst Paddle app is only available for Android users.

Download for Android:

Watersports Tracker

This app tracks your kayak training information and shows detailed training session information such as distance, duration of the session, maximum speed, and average speed, all displayed on a map of the route you used for your training.

More recent features added include heart rate monitoring during the training session, audio feedback on milestones during your training session, and save your training data to a health app. The app also has a training session playback feature which allows for detailed analyses of the workout.

Watersports Tracker is only available for Apple users.

Download for Apple here:

Paddling Magazine

Paddling Magazine is a news, review, and article app for paddlers of all types. The app reviews new gear places to kayak and helps keep kayakers up to date with the latest information regarding their sport.

While this app does not have any use for you on the water, it has some useful articles to keep you informed as a kayaking enthusiast.

The Paddling Magazine app is available for both Android and Apple users.

Download for Apple here:

Download for Android here:

The Kayak Fishing Network

The Kayak Fishing Network is a social media platform for kayak anglers. It is a networking platform for kayak anglers to connect, share information and talk about kayak fishing.

If you would like to keep your kayak fishing social network off your normal social media and only speak to fellow kayak fishermen, then this app is for you.

It is a great app with good functionality, but it is limited to kayak fishermen only. It would be nice if the app authors opened the app to other kayakers as well.

The Kayak Fishing Network app is only available for Android users.

Download for Android here:


RiverApp is another great app for river kayakers. The app provides detailed information on river levels in the USA, Canada, and Europe.

The data in the app covers over 15 000 rivers, and the authors are continually adding new data to the app. The app provides information on river levels, including current data, trends, and forecasts, and indicates navigable sections of rivers based on the water levels and flow rates.

This information is useful for planning kayak river trips and monitoring the status of the river during your trip. You can receive push notifications from the app for water level notifications on certain rivers.

Users can input changes to the river, such as new obstacles in the form of fallen trees and other hazards on the river and navigable conditions. Information input from other users is available on the map display.

The app details whitewater opportunities on rivers with recommended put-in and take-out spots marked on the map display.

The RiverApp is available for both Android and Apple users.

Download for Android users:

Download for Apple users:


Fishbrain is an awesome app for every kayak fisherman! The app details great fishing spots, the best time to fish, the best season to fish, and what species of fish the location is known to support.

You can log your personal fishing spots with locations, dates, conditions, types of fish caught, and their weights. You can choose to share your fishing information or keep your favorite fishing spots secret!

The app is supported by many big brand fishing gear suppliers, and you can purchase fishing gear from within the app. The app can recommend gear best suited to the location you are fishing.

It can also recommend baits that other app users in your area are using with success. You can ask for advice from other anglers on the app and offer your advice to other fishermen regarding gear, fishing spots, and fishing conditions.

The Fishbrain app is available for both Android and Apple users.

Download for Android users:

Download for Apple users:


The selection of apps available for kayakers is expanding at a rapid rate. Historically, kayakers had to use apps that were designed for other disciplines, such as hiking and running.

The popularity of kayaking has prompted the development of kayak-dedicated apps that provide up-to-date useful information and planning and logging of kayaking activities.