Surf Shops & Lessons in Puerto Rico

Below is a list of surf schools, surfing camps, and surf shops in , to help you get you in the water.

You can find a local surf shop near you that offers surfing lessons. You can also find all your surf gear including board shorts, surfboards, wetsuits, tees, bikinis and more. Don’t forget to pick up a bar or two of surfing wax while you're at it and support your local surf shop. While you are there, ask someone what the best surfboard is for the local break.

Coko Playa Surf Shop
Address: Degetau Num. 29, Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico 795
Town: Juana Diaz
State: Puerto Rico
Colours Surf Shop
Address: 327 Eleanor Roosevelt, Hato Rey, Puerto Rico 918
Phone: 787-754-7067
Town: Hato Rey
State: Puerto Rico
Hallows Surf and Skate
Address: Garden Hills Plaza, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico 966
Phone: 787-705-5037
Town: Guaynabo
State: Puerto Rico
Inches Surf Shop
Address: Calle Cristo #14, Patillas, Puerto Rico 723
Phone: 787-839-4713
Town: Patillas
State: Puerto Rico
Mystic Wave
Address: 395 Avenida Angel Casto Perez, San German, Puerto Rico 683
Phone: 787-892-5243
Town: San German
State: Puerto Rico
Playa Brava Surf Shop
Address: Rd 110 Km 9.8, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico 603
Town: Aguadilla
State: Puerto Rico
Pro Surfing Shop
Address: Munoz Rivera #161, Canuy, Puerto Rico 627
Town: Canuy
State: Puerto Rico
Redsun Surf Shop
Address: 4 JosŽ De Diego, Boqueron, Puerto Rico 622
Phone: 787-851-8338
Town: Boqueron
State: Puerto Rico
Rockers Surf Shop
Address: 287 Marina, Aguada, Puerto Rico 602
Phone: 787-868-8437
Town: Aguada
State: Puerto Rico
Rompeolas Surf Shop
Address: Calle Victoria #29, Anasco, Puerto Rico 610
Town: Anasco
State: Puerto Rico
Surf Zone Surf & Skate
Address: 704 Cliff Road, Ramey, Puerto Rico 603

We are what you want, what you need, and probably a little bit of something you don't need thrown in for good measure, we're a core little shop tucked away in the Ramey Base area right above Surfer's Beach. We are here to satisfy all your Surfboard and Skateboard needs! Surfboards. Skateboards. Skim boards. Body boards. Clothing. Shoes. Sunglasses. Hats. Jewelry and tons more!!! Get directions from anywhere to our store. It's easy just click on the red pin, click on directions , add yours and that will lead you to our store.

Phone: 787-890-5080
Town: Ramey
State: Puerto Rico
Surfline Boringuen #2
Address: 2135 Cara #2, Ste# 90, Bayamon, Puerto Rico 956
Town: Bayamon
State: Puerto Rico
Tiendas La Gran Via (San Juan)
Address: 525 Fd Roosevelt Ave. Ste 510, San Juan, Puerto Rico 726
Town: San Juan
State: Puerto Rico
Tiendas La Gran Via Inc (Arecibo)
Address: 167 Paseo De Diego, Arecibo, Puerto Rico 612
Phone: 787-878-3396
Town: Arecibo
State: Puerto Rico
Tiendas La Gran Via Inc (Guayama)
Address: Carr. 3 Km 13.5, Guayama, Puerto Rico 784
Phone: 787-866-1194
Town: Guayama
State: Puerto Rico
Tiendas La Gran Via Inc (isabela)
Address: 31 Calle Barbosa, Isabela, Puerto Rico 662
Phone: 787-872-5600
Town: Isabela
State: Puerto Rico
Tiendas La Gran Via Inc (San Juan)
Address: 9410 Avda Los Rameros, San Juan, Puerto Rico 925
Phone: 787-720-3055
Town: San Juan
State: Puerto Rico
Tiendas La Gran Via#14 (Ponce)
Address: 2050 Ponce By-pass, Ste 280, Ponce, Puerto Rico 841
Town: Ponce
State: Puerto Rico
Tiendas La Gran Via#15-bayamon
Address: 725 Avda. West Main, #600-320, Sierra Bayamon, Puerto Rico 961
Town: Sierra bayamon
State: Puerto Rico
Toda Moda
Address: Plaza Centro Mall, Caguas, Puerto Rico 725
Phone: 787-746-0779
Town: Caguas
State: Puerto Rico
Tres Palmas Surf Center, Puerto Rico
Address: 1911 Mcleary Ocean Park, Santurce, Puerto Rico 912

Tres Palmas is a core surf shop in Ocean Park San Juan, Puerto Rico

Phone: 787-728-3377
Town: Santurce
State: Puerto Rico
Tropical Togs
Address: 1000 Ave El Conquistador, Fajardo, Puerto Rico 738
Phone: 787-268-1232
Town: Fajardo
State: Puerto Rico
Two Faces Surf Shop
Address: Yauco Plaza Shopping Ctr, Yauco, Puerto Rico 698
Town: Yauco
State: Puerto Rico
Vistazo Surf Sport
Address: 106 Munoz Rivera, Toa Alta, Puerto Rico 954
Phone: 787-870-0535
Town: Toa Alta
State: Puerto Rico
Wave Rebelz Surf & Skate
Address: Calle Cristo #8, Patillas, Puerto Rico 723
Phone: 787-236-4570
Town: Patillas
State: Puerto Rico

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