Skate Shoe FAQs

Skate shoes are stylish urban footwear designed to be strong and durable, with the support that skaters need when they’re riding, jumping, and braking.

If you have any questions about these shoes, including whether they are necessary and what skate shoes you should buy, just take a look at these skate shoe FAQs.

Do I Need Skate Shoes?

Skate shoes are not necessary, but they certainly make life easier.

The extra support will keep your feet comfortable and ensure that your shoes don’t fall apart after a few skate sessions.

They’re certainly a better alternative to skating with high-priced sneakers, but if you don’t have the cash for a new pair of shoes and you have some old and tattered sneakers lying around, they will work as well.

Should I Get High-Top Or Low-Top Skate Shoes?

High-top skate shoes provide some ankle protection but low-tops will give you more flexibility and freedom.

There is no “better” solution, but most skaters prefer low-tops and some of the best skate shoes on the market are low-tops.

The only way to know for sure is to try them on and see which ones are more comfortable.

How To Fix Holes In Skate Shoes

Shoe Goo is a great product to keep on standby if you’re a skater.

It’s an adhesive designed for sneakers and can help you to quickly repair your shoes when the lining starts to come away.

How To Wear-In/Break-In Skate Shoes

New skate shoes can feel a little stiff and awkward.

You will get used to them eventually and the more you skate in them, the more comfortable they will feel.

But if you have a big event coming up and you don’t have much time to waste, there are a few other ways that you can break them in.

Try wearing the thickest socks that you have and leaving the laces loosely tied.

That should help to stretch them and ensure that they expand with your feet and movements.

You can also try walking or running in them for an hour or two. Jumping may help, as well, as will wearing your shoes when you’re in the house.

What Makes Skate Shoes Different?

Skate shoes are often made from hard-wearing materials like leather and suede, as well as canvas.

Many manufacturers also use toe caps and heel supports, which means you won’t suffer if the board rolls over your toes and you won’t feel those tricks as much when you land them.

Should I Use Skate Shoe Patches?

Of course! Patches can help you to fix worn parts of your shoes and they may also prevent those patches from appearing in the first place.

They are not needed, but if you want to fix some of your skate shoes or support some non-skate shoes, check them out.

How To Make Skate Shoes Last Longer

The easiest way to prolong the life of your skate shoes is to stop using them to brake.

It’s a cool way to bring the board to a stop, but it will destroy your shoes.

You can also use suede patches and leather patches, as these hard-wearing materials wear much slower than canvas.

A little Shoe Gloo will help, as well.

It’s cheap and takes just the occasional squirt to reattach, support, and ensure those skate shoes last for a few more months (or years).

What Is The Difference Between Vulcanized and Cupsole Skate Shoes?

Cupsole shoes are harder to break-in than vulcanized shoes.

They are also more expensive.

At the same time, however, they are more protective and supportive and should last a lot longer.