Skateboard Tools: Buying and Using

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A skateboarding multi-tool is a skateboarder’s best friend.

It can help you out in your time of need and ensure you’re back on the skateboard quickly and with minimal fuss.

Also known simply as a “skate tool”, these handy little devices are a must-have for all skaters and can help with an array of issues.

What is a Skate Tool?

Skateboard tools are multi-purpose tools that can be used to mount hardware, loosen or tighten nuts, and generally maintain and tweak a skateboard.

It’s a T-shaped or Y-shaped tool that comes with several detachable features.

It is the veritable Swiss army knife of skateboards.

What to Look For in a Skateboard Tool

The best skate tools will typically provide all of the following features and benefits:

  • Detachable Tools: They should include a detachable hex key and a Phillips head screwdriver, and many of the best skate tools will also come with a bearing press and a grip tape file.
  • Socket Sizes: Several socket sizes are needed and the best skate tools will include 3/8″, 1/2″, 9/16″ to cover all areas. The better ones may also include a 5/16″ threader.
  • Lightweight and Compact: Although there are a lot of little components to consider, a good skate tool must also be lightweight. After all, it’s supposed to be mobile and easy to carry around, and if it’s heavy and bulky, that simply won’t be the case.
  • Sturdy: As with all tools and equipment, poorly-made skateboard tools are not very sturdy and may be more prone to breaking, bending, and other issues. It’s generally not a massive issue, but it’s still something to consider.
  • Other Tools: Although they are not as essential, some skate multi tools include a bottle opener and some other handy extras.
  • Price: A good skateboard tool should be affordable. Most skate tools are priced around $20 and you can get a premium tool for change on $30, so there’s no need to pay through the nose just because of a fancy brand or some BS marketing.

What are the Best Skate Tools?

Now that we know what the best skate tools should include, that begs the question: Which skate tool should you buy?

There are not as many variables here as when you’re buying a skateboard or even a pair of skate pants, but it still pays to know what you’re buying and to make sure you get the best possible skate tool for your budget.

With that said, here are the skate tools that stand out the most to us:

Bones Reds All-In-One Skate T-Tool (Bones Reds Stoked Tool)

A very good skate tool from one of the best-loved brands in the sport.

This tool is listed for just under $20 on Amazon and is sold as part of a pack that includes bearings.

Zeato All-In-One Skate Tools

A very popular and well-reviewed skate tool that you can find on Amazon.

Zeato makes a solid skate tool available as both T-shaped and Y-shaped options, and there are many color options to choose from.

You will get most of the tools that you need and it’s available for less than $10.

Not bad for a skate tool that is currently the bestselling in its category on Amazon.

KCALLSPEE Skateboard Tool

A very affordable and simple skate tool that is currently listed at just $5.99.

It’s likely not the sturdiest or the most useful on this list, but for $6, you can’t go wrong if you’re on a budget.

Silver Premium Skate Tool

In addition to a Phillips screw, Allen key, and very impressive precision file, this tool has a solid ratchet and works very well.

It doesn’t feel loose or jiggle around like so many other tools.

The downside is that it has a coating of paint that flakes very easily.

It’s quite striking to look at, but once it begins to look, the tool loses its appeal somewhat.

Bona Skateboard Tool

A ten-tool unit that includes an Allen key, Phillips screwdriver head attachment, Allen wrench, precision file, rethreader, and more.

It suits most types of skateboards and is a sturdy T-shaped unit.

Alouette Skate Tool

A stylish creation that actually comes with two skate tools—a T-shaped tool and a Y-shaped tool.

It’s very well made and incredibly sturdy, lightweight, and capable of fixing longboards and regular skateboards.

There are some fiddly attachments and the mostly plastic construction means it often feels a lot cheaper than it looks, but it’s still a great multi tool.

Summary: Skate Tools

Every skateboarder needs a skate tool.

It will help when making minor adjustments and it’s also all that you need to keep up with regular maintenance, which is required of all skateboards.

Whether you’re cruising or performing tricks, whether you have a longboard or a traditional skateboard, make sure you add a skate tool to your shopping cart the next time you’re on Amazon.