The Best Fingerboards & Fingerboard Brands

Fingerboard brands are not as plentiful as skateboard brands, but they are probably more numerous than you expect. There are many brands out there producing high-quality and reasonably-priced fingerboards, and most of them seem to have storefronts on Amazon.

In this guide, we’ll highlight some of the best fingerboard brands out there right now, from the cheapest brands that use plastic to keep costs down to super-premium brands that use the very best materials.

Best Fingerboard Brands

The following list is based on our own personal preferences. It focuses on Amazon-listed fingerboard brands that we consider to be some of the best in the business, and it is in no particular order:

P-Rep Fingerboards

“P-Rep” stands for “Peoples Republic”. It’s a fingerboard brand that aims to produce high-quality boards at affordable prices. It’s a statement that many other brands have made in the past, but P-Rep actually follows through and produces some super-premium fingerboards for less than $20.

The boards roll smoothly, sound great, and feel like just a quality fingerboard should. For a brand that falls within the mid-range pricing tier, P-Rep produces some incredible boards.

Best P-Rep Fingerboards

  • Cheeseburger Cheeseburger: Solid Performance Complete with Single Axle
  • Bandito Starter Complete Wooden Fingerboard
  • Dohnuts Starter Complete Wooden Fingerboard
  • Little Reaper Solid Performance Complete Wooden Fingerboard

Visit the P-Rep Store on Amazon.

Teak Tuning Fingerboards

Teak Tuning is a fingerboard brand that launched in 2014 and produces a variety of components, including decks, wraps, trucks, ramps, and wheels. It also sells complete fingerboard setups and you can even build your own if you go to the Teak Tuning website.

Teak Tuning is affordable but it’s devoted to producing high-quality components and combining these to create exceptional decks.

Best Teak Tuning Fingerboards

  • Prolific Complete Fingerboard with Upgraded Components (Red Rover Edition)
  • Prolific Complete Fingerboard with Upgraded Components (Blue and Pink Edition)

Visit the Teak Tuning Store on Amazon.

Noahwood Fingerboards

Noahwood Fingerboards are a little more expensive than some of the other brands in this guide, with the best boards retailing at around $35. But you get a lot for your money and if you want even more quality, Noahwood also sells state-of-the-art trucks and other parts.

Best Noahwood Fingerboards

  • 8.0 Fingerboard/NW 8.0 360 Flip Deck
  • 7.0 Noah Team Kickflip Deck
  • NW 9.0 Kickflip Deck with 5-Layer Maple (100% Handmade)

Visit the Noahwood Store on Amazon.

Skull Fingerboards

Skull Fingerboards is a UK-based fingerboard brand that has a few very interesting ranges, including the Japan edition, which is one of our favorites. The prices fluctuate, but they seem to be based on UK prices of between £24.99 and £28.99, and so you can usually find them for between $30 and $40 here in the US.

Best Skull Fingerboards

  • Japan Black Edition 34mm Pro Complete Professional Fingerboard
  • Illuminati 34mm Pro Complete Professional Fingerboard
  • Hippie Jesus 34mm Pro Complete Professional Fingerboard
  • Wedgwood 34mm Pro Complete Professional Fingerboard

Visit the Skull Fingerboards Store on Amazon.

Solider Bar Fingerboards

Solider Bar is a solid brand that produces low-cost fingerboards. These durable little boards are built to last and have a very large following in the fingerboarding community.

Best Solider Bar Fingerboards

  • Fan Team Solider Bar X Bamboo Wooden 6.0 Fidget Fingerboard
  • Fan Team Solider Bar X Bamboo Wooden 9.0 Xiaoyang II
  • Fan Team Solider Bar X Bamboo Wooden 7.0 Tangram (Jigsaw Puzzle)

Visit the Solider Bar Store on Amazon.

Best Fingerboards for Beginners

When most consumers think of fingerboards, they think of Tech Deck and nothing more—it’s a brand that has become synonymous with this product.

It doesn’t produce the highest-quality boards, but if you’re looking for something that is cheap and will get the job done, you can’t go wrong with a Tech Deck fingerboard. These boards are often made of plastic, so they lack the higher quality finish provided by some more premium brands. However, they are easy to find (you can buy them everywhere), cheap, and available in a variety of styles and colors.

It’s best to start small with something like a Tech Deck. That way, you can determine if fingerboarding is going to be a good fit for you or not. Many newbies like the look of the sport but as soon as they try it for themselves, they realize that it’s not as easy as it looks and so they give up.

At that point, the fingerboard gets stuffed into a drawer and forgotten about.

If it only cost a few bucks to begin with, that’s not much of a problem. If you spent over $50 on it, it’s more of a waste.

Visit the Tech Deck Store on Amazon.

If you want a board that offers a noticeable step up in quality without much of a price increase, take a look at P-Rep Fingerboards, mentioned at the outset of this guide.

Other Fingerboard Brands

As noted at the outset of this guide, there are many great fingerboard brands out there. To ensure we cover all bases, we have listed a few more companies worthy of your attention and money:

  • 4 Corner Fingerboards: High-quality and somewhat niche fingerboards that offer incredible grip and fantastic affordability.
  • Black River Fingerboards: An established and well-known brand that produces a line of fingerboards and fingerboard accessories, including ramps and parts. Many of these boards are priced around $50.
  • Flatface Fingerboards: A respectable brand that produces an array of premium boards and parts.
  • Berlinwood Fingerboards: An innovative brand that creates some of the very first professional fingerboards.

Why are Fingerboards so Expensive?

They’re not always expensive, but it will depend on the brand, quality, and attention to detail.

If we’re talking about Tech Decks, they are quite cheap because they are mass-produced and made from inexpensive materials. But if we’re talking about some of the more premium brands, they often use quality wood and professional components. These components are produced to a higher standard and made in smaller quantities, so they cost much more.

It’s a similar story with skateboards. You can get a decent board for less than $50, even if it’s made from wood and is durable. But if you add the best trucks and wheels to the mix, that price could increase tenfold.

Of course, you don’t need to spend $50 to $100 on a fingerboard if it’s just a hobby that will keep you busy for a few hours a month. It’s certainly worth paying more if you can afford it, but unless you’re using your board a lot and performing advanced tricks, you likely won’t notice much of a difference.