The Lightest Skateboard Trucks

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Skateboard trucks need to be lightweight and durable.

It’s a fine balance, but manufacturers have been perfecting it for decades and there are some incredibly light and strong skateboard trucks on the market right now.

With that said, let’s see what the lightest skateboard trucks are and highlight some of the best options.

What is the Lightest Skateboard Truck?

Some of the lightest skateboard trucks we have seen come from a company known as Tensor.

In fact, at just 8.15 oz (231 grams) the Tensor Mag Light Lo has the honor of being the lightest trucks around.

Tensor trucks are made from magnesium, as opposed to steel.

The result is an incredibly lightweight build that manages to be very strong for its weight, but the downside is that these light trucks are very expensive.

If you’re a pro skater looking for every edge that you can find, light trucks from Tensor might be worth the investment.

If not, you can buy cheap lightweight trucks elsewhere.

The Best Lightweight Skateboard Trucks

With the exception of Tensor Trucks, there are lots of other lightweight skateboard trucks to choose from.

They are strong and durable, and depending on your budget, they may also be affordable.

Here is a small selection of the best skateboard trucks out there right now.

  • Thunder Trucks 140mm Titanium Lights: The Thunder Titanium Lights are some of the best lightweight trucks for heavier riders. Not only are they incredibly strong, but they rival the Tensor trucks when it comes to weight. Get them on Amazon.
  • Independent Skateboard Stage 11: Although they are far from the lightest truck on this list, Independent Skateboard Stage 11s are well-made aluminum trucks. Get them on Amazon.
  • Royal Truck Co. Standard Black: A solid and reliable brand that you’ll often see on Chocolate skateboard decks. These skate trucks are made from aluminum and while they don’t have the best reputation, they are generally much better than many people give them credit for.
  • Gullwing Reverse: A great all-round option for the technical skater, the Gullwing Reverse skateboard trucks come with built-in speedrings and a 47-degree baseplate. Get them on Amazon.
  • Venture V-Lights: Great trucks made from quality materials and featuring forged baseplates made with a hollow kingpin. Venture trucks are a high-performance brand and can usually be relied upon to provide premium skate trucks. Get them on Amazon.
  • Destructo D1: An affordable option that’s worth considering if you need some light skateboard trucks but don’t have a lot of money to spend. Get them on Amazon.
  • Theeve Tiax Hollow Raw: The Theeve Tiax Hollow Raw are some of the lightest skateboard trucks on this list, coming in at less than 330 grams. The manufacturers create a unique titanium alloy to ensure that these lightweight trucks were strong and durable despite their weight.
  • Independent 139 Forged Hollow Trucks: High-performance hollow trucks that are forged to make them super lightweight and strong. Get them on Amazon.

Are Light Skateboard Trucks Better?

If you’re not carrying a lot of weight, lightweight trucks may make it a little easier to perform jumps and tricks.

They’re ideal for street skating and technical tricks, as they keep the overall weight of the board down without sacrificing durability.

Heavier trucks might be more suitable for skaters who have the strength and size needed to generate a lot of speed.

As with anything else, it all comes down to style and preference, and the best trucks for you won’t be the best trucks for the next rider.

With that said, for the average skater, there is no best set of skateboard trucks and that includes lighter trucks.

You need to find a pair of trucks that work with your style of skating.

Talk to your local skate shop and ride your friends’ skateboards to learn how different trucks feel.

If you go with a good brand you should be in good shape out of the gate.

What Are Skateboard Trucks Made Of?

There are a few common metals that are used in die casting to make skateboard trucks.

They include:

Aluminum is the most common metal used in skateboard trucks.

It’s lightweight and skaters can grind the aluminum trucks easily.

Steel is one of the stronger metals that is used in trucks, but steel is heavy and weights down the skateboard can make tricks a little more difficult to do.

If durability is what you are going for and your don’t care about how light your skateboard is, go with steel trucks.

Titanium trucks have the strongest and lightest weight ratio of metals used in skateboard trucks.

This means that titanium skate trucks can take the most damage and carries the least amount of weight when compared to aluminum trucks.

Magnesium is used in Tensor Trucks.

Magnesium is 33% lighter than aluminum, 60% lighter than titanium, and 75% lighter than steel.

Magnesium is also stronger than all of these other metals by pound for pound.

How To Make Skateboard Trucks Lighter?

You can spend a lot of time and energy thinking about trucks with hollow and/or aluminum parts and get trucks with an axle width that is more narrow to help lighten the weight of your trucks if you really want to.

But here’s the thing, while the material a truck is made of does make a difference in the weight of the truck and the overall lightness of your skateboard, when it comes down to it, weight is only one factor you should be considering when it comes to your skateboard trucks.

If you already have a decent pair of trucks and are looking to get lighter trucks because you think they are going to get you past the skating trick that you are stuck on, you may want to think again.

It’s probably not the weight of the truck that is holding back your skateboarding.

You may just need a little more time to work on that trick.

As long as you go with a truck from a good skateboarding brand like the ones listed above you should be a happy skater.

What Is The Lightest Skateboard Deck?

If going light all around is your thing you may want to check out the Powell-Peralta Flight Deck because it is one of the lightest skateboard decks on the market.

The manufacturer claims that they are stronger and thinner than the average 7-ply and are as “thin as your phone”.

Powell-Peralta Flight Decks are made from an epoxy-infused fiber that is said to be resistant to breaks and fading.

However, as you would expect, these decks are more expensive than typical multi-ply options.

Summary: The Lightest and Best Skateboard Trucks

If you’re looking for the lightest skateboard trucks, take a look at Tensor, Independent Trucks, Venture Trucks, and a few other top brands covered above.

Just remember that the best skateboard trucks are not the lightest skateboard trucks—if that were true, they’d all be made of cheap and flimsy plastic.

Weight isn’t the only consideration to make your skateboard lighter and better, so do your research and make sure you buy trucks that will provide you with the experience you’re looking for and will last for years to come.