Snowboard Gloves Or Mittens?

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Should you wear gloves or mittens when snowboarding?

It seems like a simple question, but it’s one that many newbie snowboarders have asked and one that has also been queried by experienced riders.

Are Gloves or Mittens Better for Snowboarding?

Firstly, let’s cover the basics: what is the difference between gloves and mittens?

Gloves have four separate finger holes, as well as a space for your thumb.

Mittens only have a separate space for the thumb but there is a single space for all of the fingers.

Now the big one, are gloves or mittens better when snowboarding?

It really comes down to warmth vs dexterity.

Both gloves and mittens will keep your hands warm, but mittens do a much better job.

It seems counterintuitive when you consider that your fingers are separately covered, but it’s because mittens keep all of your fingers together and allow them to generate and share body heat.

However, gloves are better for grabbing and picking up.

Poorly-fitting gloves can be just as ineffective as mittens in this department, but if you get a good pair of gloves, you’ll have a much easier time when using your hands.

If you need to use your hands for whatever reason, opt for a good pair of gloves.

If you find that your hands are unusually cold when you’re snowboarding, you may be better off with snowboarding mittens.

Do Most Snowboarders Wear Mittens or Gloves?

Most snowboarders wear mittens. They favor the added warmth and don’t need the dexterity provided by gloves.

What Are the Best Snowboard Gloves?

If you’re looking for a high-quality pair of snowboard gloves, check out the following, all of which are available on Amazon.

FREETOO Leather Men’s Ski Gloves

A high-quality and fully waterproof pair of ski and snowboard gloves made from a mixture of leather and vinyl.

They feature a drawstring closure mechanism and are completely adjustable.

They are very comfortable and breathable, and they are currently available for around $35.

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BOSONER Ski and Snowboard Gloves

These gloves are affordable and cost upwards of $13, with options for kids and adults.

There are several different color options and they feature a buckle closure mechanism.

The gloves themselves are mostly polyester, faux leather, and rubber, and they also work with touchscreens.

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HOIHOO Ski Gloves

These gloves come in several stylish designs, including a white and black camo that is our personal favorite.

They cost just $18 at the time of writing and are graded for temperatures as low as -30.

All of the fingers can be used with touchscreen devices and these snowboard gloves are both waterproof and breathable.

They will keep your hands warm without pulling you away from your phone.

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MCTi Ski Gloves

These waterproof and breathable gloves are designed for women and are made from a blend of polyester and faux leather.

They have a drawstring closure and are very durable.

Like many of the gloves above, they can also be used with touchscreens.

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What Are the Best Snowboard Mittens?

If you’ve decided that mittens are more suitable, the following products are ideal and are also available from Amazon.

Burton Gore-Tex Mittens

These snowboard mittens are the most expensive in this guide, but they are also arguably the best.

Not only are they made by Burton, a trusted brand favored by most snowboarders, but they are designed using Gore-Tex, which means your hands will stay warm and dry.

If your hands are unusually cold, you can add hand warmers to a little pouch on the back of the mittens.

Alternatively, just open it and use it for ventilation.

These Burton mittens also come with a lifetime warranty.

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WindRider Rugged Waterproof Winter Mittens

At $27, these snowboard mittens are affordable and surprisingly high-quality.

There is a zipper closure and extra-long gauntlets to provide a tight seal that will keep your hands warm and prevent snow from slipping up your sleeve.

These mitts are fully waterproof thanks to an external coating and additional glove liners.

There is no chance that your hands will get wet with WindRider snowboard mittens.

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Yobenki Ski and Snowboard Mittens for Kids

These snowboard mittens are just $15 and are the perfect option for young snowboards and skiers.

They are waterproof, windproof, breathable, and extremely comfortable.

Each mitt is also fitted with conductive cloth for touchscreen use, although they are mittens and not gloves, so it’s not as easy to swipe your fingers on the screen.

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Burton Men’s Insulated Warm and Waterproof Mittens

Another high-quality pair of mittens from Burton, and these ones are a little cheaper.

They offer touchscreen capability and feature DRYRIDE two-layer fabric for extra warmth, comfort, and water resistance.

The materials used include Thermacore insulation, which provides warmth and protection without creating too much bulk.

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Are Leather Mittens Good for Snowboarding?

As you can see from some of the products above, leather is quite common in snowboard gloves and mittens.

However, it’s often used in combination with other materials.