What Is The Best Base Layer For Snowboarding?

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A base layer is the layer of clothing that you wear next to your skin.

It’s designed to keep you insulated and wick away the moisture on your body, keeping you warm, dry, and protected as you tackle those slopes.

But what is the best base layer to buy and how much does it cost?

What Base Layer Should I Get For Snowboarding?

The best base layers are made from merino wool.

It’s warm, moisture-wicking, and it doesn’t itch like other types of wool.

It’s the perfect cold-weather fabric and one that you’ll see a lot in snowboarding.

Alternatively, you can search for base layers made from synthetic fabric.

As long as it’s high-quality and can protect against cold weather and sweat, it should be capable of doing the job.

How Much Does a Base Layer Cost?

Merino wool isn’t cheap, and some of the best base layers cost upwards of $100.

You can get a basic snowboarding jacket for that price, and it’s a lot of money for boarders on a budget.

If you can’t afford that price, opt for a simple set of thermals instead.

You can stick with synthetic materials if that’s all you can afford. It’s better than wearing nothing at all.

What is the Best Base Layer for Snowboarding?

The following base layers are all available from Amazon.

You can also buy snowboard socks, jackets, boots, and a good mid-layer from Amazon, as well as pretty much everything else that you need.

Just remember to check the reviews, pay attention to the materials and durability, and don’t spend a penny more than you need to.

The following base layers vary in price and quality, but there should be something here for all budgets and all snowboarders.

Smartwool Merino 250 Base Layer Crew

You’ll need $100 in your budget for this base layer, but what it lacks in affordability it makes up for in quality.

This USA-made base layer is made from 100% merino wool for complete comfort.

It’s moisture-wicking, protective, and warm, and as it’s Smartwool, you know you’re getting something that will last.

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Meriwool Women’s Base Layer 100% Merino Wool

A long-sleeve thermal shirt made from merino wool and available in a variety of colors.

It’s a super-soft, quick-drying base layer top that is breathable, odor-resistant, moisture-wicking, and perfect for female riders.

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Base Layer Mechanics Men’s 100% Merino Wool Base Layer

A high-quality 100% merino wool long sleeve top that costs upwards of $55.

It’s 196g merino wool and is certified by The Woolmark Company as moisture-wicking, breathable, and thermal regulating.

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Burton Boys Heavyweight X Base Layer Quarter-Zip

Burton is huge in the snowboarding world and it’s always a sign of quality.

The Heavyweight Base Layer is an expensive option, but you get a lot for your money.

It’s a slim-fit, four-way-stretch base layer with a chafe-free chin guard and a breathable design.

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Men’s Thermal Underwear Set

Although this thermal underwear set is made from synthetic fabric, it’s still warm and effective and it’s also a third of the price of the merino wool base layers listed above.

It features a blend of spandex and polyester and comes with a fleece lining.

You’ll get the base layer top and bottoms and can choose from a variety of colors and styles, all for around $30 for the set.

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How Many Layers Should You Wear Snowboarding?

Most snowboarders wear three main layers: a base layer, a mid-layer, and an outer layer.

The base layer is what you wear against your skin and it should provide moisture wicking to keep you dry while you sweat.

The mid-layer is the insulating layer and can include your everyday clothing.

The outer layer covers snowboard jackets and snowboard pants, which are designed to provide protection against rain, snow, and wind.