Must-Have Stand Up Paddle Board Accessories

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Are you trying your hand at stand up paddle boarding? Maybe you’re experienced and want to up your SUP board game.

What accessories do you need? How can you improve your style on a budget or even if you have a bit of extra cash to spend?

In this guide, we’re going to let you know about the 7 essential stand up paddle board accessories you’ll need before you hit the water this summer. 

1.  A Quality Life Vest

This should go without saying but you need a personal flotation device when you go stand up paddle boarding.

Whether you’re using your SUP on rough, rocky waters or calm bays, a life vest can, well, save your life!

If you perform a simple search for life vests, you’ll find that there are hundreds on the market.

Choose a model with plenty of pockets to stash your keys and other valuables.

If you don’t like the feel of a bulky life jacket, choose a PFD that’s inflatable.

The inflatable models lie flat on your body until they’re immersed in water or manually inflated. 

2.  A SUP Board Anchor

When you’re out on the water on your SUP board, you’ll feel invincible.

That is, until you need a rest. A stand up paddle board anchor kit will protect you from the inevitable drifting you’ll experience when you rest. 

Like a life vest, an anchor is a necessity for your safety.

Worried about the weight? Don’t.

Look for a collapsible or foldable anchor that won’t scratch your skin, weigh you down or damage your stand up paddle board. You can find models under fifty bucks—a literal lifesaver at a bargain price. 

3.  Roof Rack Pads

How do you transport your SUP boards from your home to the beach?

Unless you have inflatable paddle boards, you’re probably using your roof rack.

But traditional roof racks can leave your stand up paddle boards scratched, dented, and damaged. 

Roof rack pads are some of the best paddle board accessories you just can’t do without.

Quality pads will protect your board from dings and dents while you’re on the way to the beach, lake, or wherever else you paddle. 

4.  A Waterproof Pouch / Dry Bag

It’s likely you don’t bring much out on the water with you when you paddle.

But a waterproof pouch is a game-changer.

Having your phone with you will allow you to listen to your favorite music, but more importantly, will grant you access in case of an emergency. 

Your waterproof case can be as large or small as you like—use it to hold your phone or other valuables like your car key and driver’s license.

A quality pouch will allow you access to your phone even while still enclosed. 

5.  Headphones or Speakers

Stand up paddle boarding is, for the most part, a solo sport.

You can make the most of your time on the water when you have a good set of headphones.

Waterproof earbuds are designed to fit snugly in your ears, so you don’t have to worry about losing them to the sea. 

If you’re boarding in calmer waters, invest in a good waterproof speaker.

Your speaker can float beside you while you practice your water yoga or freestyle moves.

Rock out to Edward Sharpe, Nirvana, or the theme song from Jaws while you’re out on the lake or the ocean. 

6.  A SUP Dolly

Once you’ve transported your stand up paddle board from your home to the beach, how do you get it down to the water?

Let’s face it, ocean breezes are no joke.

If you find yourself struggling against Mother Nature to get your board from your car to the shore, you need a SUP dolly. 

Carts for your stand up paddle board are lightweight and simple to use.

Some are just a simple strap you’ll attach to your board, and the best carts require no air in the tires—your dolly is ready to go when you are. 

7.  A Paddle Board Seat

Whether you’re paddling a lake or the ocean, you’re going to get tired.

Sure, you can sit on your stand up paddle board for a while, but that’s not good for the back.

Once you stand up again, you’re going to feel so stiff that you might even compromise your balance. 

A kayak seat will be your best friend if you’re headed out on the water for the day.

Your SUP paddle board probably has a few D-rings attached to the side, right?

Just strap the kayak seat on and you’re ready for an all-day adventure on the lake or ocean. 

It’s an essential paddle board accessory for those long paddle boarding journeys.

Summary: Accessories for Paddle Boards and Inflatable Paddle Boards

You may not need every one of these stand up paddle board accessories.

But trust us when we say they’re going to make your day on the beach much easier.

Safety first—get yourself a PFD. Then hit the water and level up in comfort with the paddle board accessories that work with your style. 

Stand up paddle boarding is fun, laid back, and great for those relaxed summer days, but that doesn’t mean you can throw caution to the wind and take it easy.

In addition to the above SUP accessories, you may also want to look into a cooler to keep your drinks ice cold on the beach or in the car, as well as an SUP leash, waterproof phone case, SUP bag, and a carry strap.