The Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Pumps

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In the past, we’ve stated that electric pumps are best for inflatable stand up paddle boards.

We’re not alone in that opinion, as most iSUP riders prefer electric pumps for the sheer speed and convenience.

But what if you prefer manual pumps?

Maybe you don’t have a lot of money to spend, maybe you just prefer the portability—whatever the reason, there are some great manual pumps out there.

If you’re in the market for a new manual pump, or you just want to know more about using them on your inflatable SUP, this is the guide for you.

Do I Need A SUP Pump?

If you have an inflatable stand up paddle board, you will need a pump.

A SUP pump is designed to fit the SUP attachment and will pump the inflatable stand up paddle board to the required PSI.

But before you buy a manual pump, check to make sure your iSUP doesn’t already include one.

Many inflatable paddle boards come with manual pumps, and while they might not be the best, if all you need is a no-nonsense manual pump, they should be fine.

What are the Best Manual SUP Pumps?

You can find manual SUP pumps in Costco and Amazon, as well as many other major retailers.

To help you find the best pump for your inflatable stand up paddle board, we have listed a few options below, all of which can be purchased from Amazon.

Solstice by Swimline SUP High-Pressure Pump

The Solstice is currently listed at around $60.

It’s a hefty price, but it’s a hefty pump.

It works with all Solstice inflatable paddle boards and it features a universal attachment for all iSUPs, as well as a secondary hose for low-pressure inflatables.

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THURSO Surf Inflatable SUP Pump

THURSO is a brand that we have mentioned several times, as it creates some great inflatable paddle boards.

This SUP pump goes up to 29 PSI and is very lightweight.

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The YASKA SUP pump doesn’t have a huge number of reviews at the time of writing, but the ones that it does have are decent and it seems to be a very good SUP pump.

It is lightweight, single-action, and easy to use.

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Goplus Double Action Hand Pump with Pressure Gauge

A high-pressure and fast inflation pump that goes as high as 29 PSI in no time at all.

It’s made from incredibly durable materials and should last you for many years to come.

The Goplus should work with any inflatable SUP, as well as boats, kayaks, and other inflatables.

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How Do You Pump an Inflatable Paddle Board?

To inflate your inflatable stand up paddle board with a SUP pump, make sure the valve is closed.

Just push down on the yellow circle, twist, and wait for it to pop up.

Once it’s up, it means that air can get inside but can’t escape.

Attach the hose and pump until the board reaches 15 PSI.

It will be a challenge and will start to feel stiff.

Don’t be scared to take a break to recoup some of your energy before commencing the pump.

As soon as you pass 10 PSI, you may start to wish that you had opted for the electric pump.

What PSI Should My Paddle Board Be?

An inflatable stand up paddle board is usually inflated to somewhere between 10 and 12 PSI, but you can go as high as 15 PSI.

You can increase the PSI for more stability, and it will also help you when riding in colder temperatures and choppier conditions.