The Best Stand Up Paddle Board Bags

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Stand up paddle boards are huge and cumbersome, making dings, dents, and scratches common during storage and transportation.

Paddle board bags can help to negate some of these issues and protect your SUP board when it’s being stored or moved to and from the beach.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the features you should look for when buying a paddle board bag while also seeing which bags are best.

Stand Up Paddle Board Bags

There are a few things you need to consider when buying a stand up paddle board bag:

  • Ventilation: Proper ventilation will protect the board and ensure that the bag doesn’t become a haven for bacteria or risk overheating.
  • Ease of Use: The bag should be easy to carry, which means it should be relatively lightweight and have additional shoulder straps and/or handles.
  • Water Resistant: The bag isn’t going in the water, but it will be exposed to moisture and so you need to make sure that the metallic components (including the zipper) will not rust and the material itself is easy to clean.
  • Plenty of Space: Not only does the bag need to accommodate your paddle board, but you should also think about the additional room you need for accessories such as keys, phones, leashes, life jackets, and whatever else you take with you when paddle boarding. An internal storage pocket, integrated paddle holder, and other such additions will help you here.
  • Safety: Paddle board bags need to protect the board itself. SUP boards are not like smartphones. They don’t risk being dropped from a great height or somehow finding their way into the toilet bowl (it happens to the best of us), but they can still take a beating away from the waves, and so you need a board bag that offers a high level of protection.
  • Type: Was your bag made for inflatable SUP boards or hard boards? There is a huge difference, as one can be folded and the other cannot. Many standard stand up paddle board bags are long and come with a shoulder strap or handle. As for inflatable board bags, they are often short and thick and many of them are worn as backpacks.
  • Price: The cost of a stand up paddle board bag can vary substantially, and while paying more usually means you get a better quality bag, it doesn’t mean that you can actually benefit from the increased quality. Think about how much you’re spending. If it’s a lot, ask yourself what additional features make it so expensive; if it’s cheap, make sure you’re getting something that is actually well made.

Do I Need a Paddle Board Bag?

It’s not essential. If you don’t have an SUP board bag, you can still take your board to the beach and do some paddle boarding. However, it will make your life much easier and ensure that your board is protected at all times.

The addition of a shoulder strap should also make that 10 ft+ board easier to carry around.

If you want your board to last longer and stay dent and scratch-free, then it’s worth investing in an SUP board bag.

What is the Best Size for a Stand Up Paddle Board Bag?

It depends on the size of your stand up paddle board.

Most of them range from just under 10 feet to over 12 feet, with the latter designed for touring boards and racing stand up paddle boards.

Your SUP board needs to fit snugly.

It shouldn’t be too big or too small, as the former means it will move around and the latter means that it won’t fit at all.

Look for a SUP board bag that is the same size as your board and if you can’t find one, an extra inch is fine.

However, it’s definitely not okay to buy a bag that is a foot larger than your board just because you like the design or think that you’ll need the extra space.

How do You Put an SUP Board in a Bag?

If you have a hard stand up paddle board, just slide it in and close the zip.

If you have an inflatable stand up paddle board, you will need to deflate it and roll or fold it first.

An inflatable paddle board may make your life easier when it comes to storage.

It will take up much less room and is significantly easier to store away for the winter or to keep in the car during a long surf trip.

The Best SUP Board Bags Right Now

There are a number of great stand up paddle board bags to choose from and you can find these everywhere from your local surf shop to Amazon.

If you’re using the latter, make sure you check the brand/manufacturer and the reviews, as a lot of copycat and low-quality products slip through the net.

A large number of these are actually really good and offer decent value for money, but some are terrible.

We have listed a few recommended paddle board bags below to help you find the best one for you:

  • Curve SUP Travel Bag: A heavy-duty bag that is available in a variety of sizes, enough to cater to all lengths of paddle board. It’s a little on the pricey side and is available for around $180, but if you want a quality bag for your SUP board, it’s worth it.
  • THURSO Surf: A $150 board bag that is built for inflatable paddle boards and will fit any inflatable SUPs up to 12’6.
  • ISLE iSUP: Another board bag designed for use with inflatable paddle boards, but this one is a little cheaper, costing less than $80.
  • BIC Sport HD SUP Bag: An SUP board bag that comes with a shoulder strap and is available in a variety of different colors. Comes with a highly reflective cover and an extended zipper.

Summary: SUP Board Bags

Whether you have an inflatable stand up paddle board or one made from EPS, it’s important to keep it protected with an SUP bag.

The ones listed above should help you to start your journey, but there are many more out there!