Why Is Stand Up Paddle Boarding So Popular?

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Stand up paddle boarding is huge right now and it’s getting bigger every year.

It’s one of those activities that people seem to be drawn to—they try it once and become hooked.

But what attracts them in the first place and why do people seem to love it so much?

It Has A Short Learning Curve

Surfing is a challenge, wakeboarding is intimidating, and windsurfing takes a lot of practice.

But stand up paddle boarding is surprisingly easy.

As long as you have good balance and some upper body strength, you’ll be good to go!

Many newcomers want something that they can learn in a couple of hours.

If they don’t live near the coast and are just visiting, they want to grab the board, hit the water, and know what they’re doing before their vacation is over.

That’s not always possible with water sports but it’s definitely possible with stand up paddle boarding.

It is a Full-Body Workout (and a Great Way to Burn Calories)

You need a lot of core strength to SUP paddle board.

It will do a number on your abdominal muscles and as you strive to maintain your balance while driving through the water, you’ll also activate your delts, traps, lats, hamstrings, and quads. It’s a full-body workout that will burn calories.

Think of it like an elliptical machine or a rowing machine only with more of an emphasis on core muscles.

And unlike gym machines, a stand up paddle board is incredibly fun and the time will fly by.

Even the most dedicated gym-goers have to concede that sweating on cardio machines isn’t exactly “fun” and can get very tedious.

It’s Low Impact and Low Intensity

Stand up paddle boarding doesn’t require a great deal of effort.

It’s a low impact and low-intensity activity and while it can be a great workout, it’s not as taxing as some other water sports.

It is Surprisingly Accessible

Stand up paddle boarding is not necessarily a “cheap” activity.

The SUP board, paddle, clothes, and safety equipment could cost you up to $1,000 (although, there are much cheaper options available).

But when you compare it to high-quality exercise machines and surfboards, it’s only marginally more expensive, and when compared to wakeboarding, kneeboarding, and other tow sports, it’s a bargain!

More importantly, there are inflatable SUP paddle boards that offer all the quality and accessibility of hard boards without being as cumbersome.

When you have finished your session, just wash, dry, deflate, and store in your garage, basement, or car until you need it again.

It is Relaxing

You can’t beat the feeling of coasting over the water on a hot summer’s day on a stand up paddle board.

It’s peaceful and will help to eradicate the woes of the week.

The methodical act of paddling, along with the calming surroundings, the splash of the waves, and the noises of nature will make you feel at peace.

Of course, that only really applies if you know how to swim and love the water.

If not, you’re more likely to feel anxious and fearful.

It Is Varied

There’s so much that you can do on a stand up paddle board.

You can use it like a longboard to ride the waves, treat it like a workout and get some exercise, go on an adventure, or just float near the shore.

SUP yoga and exercise routines have become very popular in recent years.

Practitioners use the boards just like a yoga mat and the decreased stability means they are forced to engage their core more than they do on solid ground.

There are also exercise routines that combine simple stretches, paddle lifts, and other exercises to create a complete full-body workout.

SUP boarding is a fun, easy, and affordable sport.

It offers an array of health benefits (for both your mind and your body) and is also a great way to make new friends who have similar hobbies.

More importantly, it gets you outdoors during those warm summer days and is the perfect exercise to grab some vitamin D and get the blood pumping.