Surf Grass Mat Reviews

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to clean your feet after surfing is by wiping them on grass. However, grass is not always easy to find at the beach. Surf grass changing mats are a great solution. These mats are made of synthetic materials that look and feel like grass. Each blade of plastic brushes dirt, sand and other debris from your feet.

With surf grass changing mats, you’ll never have to track sand into your car or home again. Carrying a surf grass changing mat means you don’t need to swat at your feet with a towel or try to scrape the sand off your feet. Not only are these changing mats convenient, they’re are also easy to care for. They are lightweight, have a textured back and are even easy to carry thanks to a built-in Velcro strap.

Surf Grass Mat: The Basics

This is the Surf Grass Mat that started it all. This mat measures 20 by 25 inches and only weighs 29 ounces. It’s lightweight and velcro strap feature make the grass mat easy to roll up, store, and move. The border on this mat comes in 11 different color options including silver, blue, green, multi-colored and purple.

The Surf Grass Mat Materials

The Surf Grass Mat’s green, grass-like bristles are made from a high-quality synthetic. The “grass” is great at removing the sand, salt and other grit that accumulates on feet when you’re at the beach. These synthetics are durable and waterproof. In fact, thesehe bristles stand up to far more vigorous wear than natural grass. The material also stays cool, even on hot days.

How to Use the Surf Grass Mat

Wipe your bare, sandy feet on the mat. The close-set bristles will remove the sand, salt and dirt. Directly after wiping your feet on the mat, , you can put your socks and shoes on. The sand is then easily shaken out of the mat.

The Surf Grass Mat’s Versatility

ome people also use their Surf Grass Mats as doormats when camping. They add a pop of color to your campsite, and they’re great for cleaning your feet before you enter your tent, cabin or RV.

The Surf Grass Mat’s Cost

The Surf Grass Mat retails for $39.99.

The Surf Grass Mat XL

This larger version of the Surf Grass Mat gives users more space to work with. It measures 25 by 30 inches in size. Like the original mat, it is lightweight and includes a built-in Velcro carrying strap.

You can also choose from 11 different colors for the border. Popular options include blue, gold, red, tan and orange.

The Surf Grass Mat Materials

The bristles are colorful and effective, and they stay cool to the touch. They’re made out of high-quality synthetic materials, as is the fabric border. These mats are easy to clean and care for. You can simply shake the sand out of your mat and rinse salt from it.

How to Use The Surf Grass Mat

Just like the original, use this mat to wipe your feet before or after changing into your wetsuit. With its added space, the Surf Grass Mat XL is a great option for couples or families who like to surf together. There’s enough space that everyone can clean their feet, in their own area.

The Surf Grass Mat’s XL Cost

The Surf Grass Mat XL retails for $49.99.

Who is the Surf Grass Changing Mat For?

These changing mats are great for surfers of any level. They’re eye-catching and easy to carry, and most importantly, they work! Users have the option of rolling the mats up to store them. Some prefer to lay it flat in their vehicle then place their wet suit on top of it to dry. These mats are also an excellent option for both beach-goers and campers. They’re great at removing debris from your feet whenever you’re going from nature into a living or driving space. Keep your indoor spaces clean after a day in nature with the Surf Grass Mat.