Surfing Essentials

How To Carry A Surfboard On A Bike

Approximately 130 million Americans live in coastal communities but the majority of those live more than the veritable stone’s throw away. The beach is often reachable following a long walk or a short drive, and if you’re watching your wallet/the environment or just trying to save a few bucks, a bicycle might be your transport …

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Your Surfing Dictionary

360: A surfing maneuver during which the surfer spins the board 360 degrees while riding the face of the wave. A-Frame: A wave that has both a left and a right and allows two surfers to surf the same wave going in opposite directions. Aerial: A surfing maneuver where a surfer flies through the air …

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Best Surf Documentaries

We have complied the best surfing documentaries to keep you stoked. You can find these documentaries on Amazon Prime.   The Best Surfing Documentaries Of All Time Big wave, small wave, and all sizes in between. The Endless Summer This the classic surf film that started it all. This classic surf documentary features two young …

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Best Surf Movies

We have complied the “best” surf movies. Why is best in quotes? Well, while we love surfing movies, they are necessarily known for their awarding winning plots, scripts and acting. And we love them just the same. Here is a rundown of the best surf flicks that will get you excited about your next surf, …

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Taking Care Of Your Surfboard

Most surfboards are pieces of foam covered with a thin shell of fiberglass and resin. They are also not cheap. The water, wind, sun and sand all take a toll on the surfboard’s surface and structure. Taking care of your surfboard will help you have a smoother ride and help it to last for a …

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Buying Your First Surfboard

Buying your first surfboard is a key part of becoming a surfer. The excitement of looking at all of the surfboards, their colors and styles is exhilarating, but can feel overwhelming for a beginner. Let’s get into how to choose your first surfboard as a beginner surfer. These tips will help you select an ideal …

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