Surfing Gear Reviews

Roof Rack Straps For Surfing

Don’t let your board go airborne off of a moving vehicle. Get some trusty straps to keep your surfboard secure on your roof racks. Roof Rack Strap Reviews Your precious cargo is not yet safe on the rack until it is tied down with a reliable strapping. Here you are with your surfboards stacked on …

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Foamie Surfboards on Amazon

Amazon is a one stop shop for everything … including foam & soft top surfboards. Here as what we think are some of the best foamie surfboard options on Amazon. Click here to see all of the foam surfboards Amazon has to offer. Foamie Surfboards Amazon Our Choice: The Costco WAVESTORM Once only available to …

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URBNFit Balance Boards

URBNFit has a way of intertwining magnificence and functionality in all their product. URBNFit make of exercise balls, balance boards, balance discs, gym rings and other equipment. This review discusses two of URBNFit’s balance boards that we think are good training tools for surfers. URBNfit Balance Boards Reviews Roller Board Balance Trainer URBNFit constructed the Roller …

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Revolution Balance Boards

Revolution Balance Boards was created with a mission to bring motion and balance to people’s life. The design of every board at Revolution balance board revolves around the implementation of new creative and value-adding ideas. These balance boards are for surfers, snowboarders, skaters and other users who are into general fitness. Revolution uses carefully selected …

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Board Short Liners Review

You may call them compressor shorts, swimsuit liners or board short liners. Regardless of what you call them, you should have at least one pair to wear under your board shorts or wetsuit. What Are Surfing Compression Shorts? They are tight shorts that are made of stretchy material. They form to your body and exert …

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Wetsuit Booties Review

The only thing worse than stinging, numb feet is a wetsuit boot that is uncomfortable and holds a gallon of water after your first full flush from mother nature. Now that we got that off our chests, let’s get into the best wetsuit booty options for surfers. What are Wetsuit Booties? They are neoprene boots …

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Surf Helmets Review

Not familiar with surfing helmets? We got you. And your noggin. What Is a Surf Helmet? In simple terms, surf helmet is one that is specifically designed to protect your head while surfing. They are different from ordinary bicycle helmets, climbing helmets, etc. Why Do You Need A Surf Helmet? Collision : Surfing involves speed. …

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Surfboard Socks Reviews

Considering that you will be parting with between $400- $1000 for a good surfboard, protecting your stick with a day bag or, its cheaper cousin, the board sock, is a good option. Below we have reviewed the various surfing board socks available on the market today. What is a Surfboard Sock? A surfboard sock is …

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