Surfing Gear Reviews

Ebb & Flo Balance Boards

Armin Brown, the founder of The Ebb & Flo Balance Boards, created this product out of necessity. As a surfer himself, he tried using other balancing boards but couldn’t find one that he was happy with. One that he felt mimicked the challenged of balancing on the ocean. In 2009, he launched the Goofboard and …

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Roof Rack Pads For Surfing

Roof rack pads are the pillows on which your surfboard rests on as you transport it. It’s a little poetic when you think about roof racks that way. Or, just read the reviews. Here we go… Roof Rack Pads Reviews Different rack pad manufacturers have come up with awesome designs of pads. They come in …

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Surfing Wax Reviews

Surfing wax is a critical part of a surfer’s tool box. Without it, you are pretty much trying to stand up on a moving, unstable piece of glass without anything to assist your grip. Before we get into what we think are the surf waxes on the market, let’s talk about surfing wax fundamentals. Believe …

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Solite Boots Review

Want a wetsuit boot the molds to your foot and fit like a glove? One the doesn’t leak. And a boot the doesn’t have the “low tide stank with a side of what the heck is that Godforsaken smell” smell? We got you. Solite Boots may just be the best wetsuit boot on the planet. …

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Best Watches For Surfing

Surf watches do more than just tell you the time. They are a gold mine of data that can help you be on top of the best times to catch waves (pun intended). In addition to telling time, surf watches measure and forecast tides at multiple breaks. The more featured-filled (read: Expensive, like $400 expensive) …

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