Best Swim Fins For Bodysurfing

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Bodysurfing is an extraordinary experience. It’s just you and the waves—the ultimate way of connecting with the surf.

You don’t need a board or a lot of equipment, but you still need a set of swim fins. Swim fins are inexpensive and available on Amazon, as well as from online and offline surf shops.

The Best Bodysurfing Fins

Bodysurfing fins should be comfortable, lightweight, and affordable. If not, they’ll be a nuisance to use and will press against your feet and calves, leaving you with sores and muscle aches. You will also want to take care of your swim fins so they last long.

Swim fins should also float, as that will make it easier to find them if they come off in the water.

To help with your search, we have listed some of the best swim fins for bodysurfing below. All of these are available from Amazon and are very reasonably priced.

DaFin Swim Pro Bodysurfing Fins

The Swim Pro from DaFin is one of the best bodysurfing fins on the market, a tried and tested swim fin that is the only one endorsed by the US Lifesaving Association.

If you’re not sure which swim fins are right for you and want something popular and reliable, you can’t go wrong with the DaFin Swim Pro.

Churchill Makapuu Bodysurfing Fins

The Churchill Makapuu, like the Swim Pro, are very popular bodysurfing fins that come fitted with a drain hole to deliver more force through the water. They are comfortable and streamlined, and they’re also very affordable.

The Churchill Makapuu fins are made from 100% natural rubber and are available in kids and adult sizes.

Kpaloa Original Bodysurfing Fins

An iconic brand of swim fins. These simple black fins are flexible and tough. They will last for years to come and have three centrally-located drain holes for maximum performance.

Kpaloa swim fins are made from vulcanized rubber and come in sizes ranging from XS to XL.

Hydro Tech 2 Bodysurfing Fins

The Hydro Tech 2 is silicone molded. They are super comfortable and completely UV protected.

The Hydro Tech 2 swim fins are available in a few different color options and make for some very cool looking fins, especially the Hydro Tech 2 Ice Blue.

MS Viper Mike Stewart Bodysurfing Fins

These bodysurfing fins have a soft rubber construction and deliver minimum drag. Mike Stewart swim fins feature a delta tail design that works well with bodyboarding and bodysurfing and they make for a very cool looking pair of fins.

Voit Duck Feet Bodysurfing Fins

The cool-looking bodysurfing fins were first developed way back in 1953 and are made from dual-density rubber. The Duck Feet Bodysurfing Fins are very reliable and can be purchased from a variety of locations, including Amazon.

These legendary swim fins are available in many sizes and it’s important to get the right one so that they fit snugly and are not too tight or loose.

DaFin Mark Cunningham Bodysurfing Fins

DaFin was developed by an Aussie bodysurfer named Andy Cochran with help from Brian Keaulana and Mark Cunningham. It’s a comfortable and low-cost swim fin and should help you to power through the water without digging into your heels.