Board Bandages Review

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As a surfer, getting dents and dings in your surfboard is completely normal.

While most of the dents and dings are minor, they do need to be fixed as soon as you notice them.

There are many different products that simplify the repair process, and most repairs can be done on your own at home.

One of the easiest products to use for fixing minor damage to your surfboard is a Board Bandage.

Board Bandages are like band-aids for your surfboard.

These Board Bandages form a durable bond to the surfboard and come off with no mess, repel water and accept surfboard wax.

They even come in cool designs, to add an extra flare to your surfboard.

Types of Board Bandages

Board Bandages come in different sizes and shapes, to repair any type of dent.

The butterfly shaped board bandage, for example, is designed for dings in the rail.

The wider sections grip the deck and base, and the thinner middle section helps with easy application.

Board bandages also come in circular shapes, for simple repairs to a puncture.

The diamond shaped bandage can be applied to dings to the nose, near the fin and around the tail.

Board Bandages even work for larger dents and dings.

The Big Boy bandage has a big footprint to handle the bigger dings in your surfboard.

Board Bandages for Shortboards

Board Bandages for shortboards are designed as a fix for dings in surfboards measuring shorter than 7 feet in length.

They are available in singles or multi-packs.

The Board Bandages come in tropical prints and a variety of other designs.Board Bandages for shortboards generally cost $7.99. (link to product)

Board Bandages for Longboards

Board bandages for longboards are made for the boards that measure 8 feet or longer.

The bandages come in single packs and multi-packs. You can choose from white, off-white or printed designs to cover the dings and dents on your board.Board Bandages are available for for longboards for $11.99. (link to product)

Board Bandages for SUPs

Board Bandages can also repair stand-up paddleboard or SUPs.

Since these boards have less surface area than a surfboard, they need to be strong.

On a SUP, even a little dent needs to be fixed right away.

These SUP bandages are sold for $14.99 and can be customized with the design of your choice, for both short and longboards. (link to product)

How Board Bandages Work

The Board Bandages consist of two layers of material.

When the adhesive comes into contact with the dent or ding, it keeps the bandage in place.

The proprietary top sheet is made of a hydrophobic, blended material This means the bandages repels water instead of mixing with it. The top sheet of the bandage accepts wax, so you can wax right over it.

Board Bandages also work well for quick fixes.

If you are hitting the waves and suddenly hit a rock, putting a dent into your board, you can apply a bandage and get back on the water to finish your set. The adhesive and top sheet resist extreme temperatures, salt, dirt and residue.

When you’re ready to take your board to the proshop to get the dent professionally repaired, the Board Bandages come off without leaving any residue on your surfboard.

Who are Board Bandages For?

Anyone who surfs benefits from having Board Bandages handy.

Especially, if your favorite shoreline is rocky, it is a good idea to have a few Board Bandages in your surf bag.

The same is true if you surf on busy beaches, which increases your risk of running into another surfer.

If you bought a used board that already has dings, Board Bandages can help extend your boards lifespan as you develop your skills.

Board Bandages provide a quick fix to those dents and dings that are inevitable when surfing.

Having a few handy means you don’t have to quit for the day whenever you get a puncture or dent in your board.

Board Bandages also give you some time to make arrangements for a professional repair.

Board Bandages are easy to apply, inexpensive and a helpful tool for surfers at any level.

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