Board Short Liners Review

You may call them compressor shorts, swimsuit liners or board short liners. Regardless of what you call them, you should have at least one pair to wear under your board shorts or wetsuit.

What Are Surfing Compression Shorts?

They are tight shorts that are made of stretchy material. They form to your body and exert pressure on your thighs and butts. They are mostly worn by men under board shorts or wetsuits.

Board short liners are not underwear. Each have a different purpose. We are happy to tell you why you should get a pair of board short liners, but please don’t make us get into why you should wear underwear. Just know that one is not the same as the other. Moving on.

Why They Are Important?

We have 6 reasons why you should use board short liners next time you go surfing.

Protection From Rashes & Chafing

For a lot of surfers, direct contact with neoprene on the wetsuit or wax on the surfboard leaves an avoidable rash. Compressor shorts are a great rash guard. Having compressor shorts between your skin and your wetsuit or surfboard just makes life more comfortable.

Prevent Muscle Strain

Your hamstrings are one of the muscle groups that are prone to strain. They are engaged all the time you are surfing. Compression shorts hold the muscles to prevent muscle strains. This is especially true for surfers who are active out of the water as they be going for a surf semi-depleted after a gym workout, a run, etc.

Reduce Muscle Fatigue & Soreness

Surfing causes our thigh muscles to rub against each other as we engage them in rigorous movement. This results in muscle soreness and fatigue. Compression shorts offer excellent muscle control and reduce muscle fatigue and soreness.

Improved Comfort

Who doesn't like comfort? In everything we do, comfort is a top priority. Compression shorts offer noteworthy comfort to you as you surf.

Wearing them reduces friction and chaffing experienced when wearing other shorts. Additionally, they will not ride up as you bend like board shorts may with helps keep your bits to yourself and prevents the unnecessary slippage of the boys to random passer-by.

Enhanced Muscle & Joint Support

Board short liners limit muscle oscillation (movement) which goes a long way in helping to conserve oxygen due to controlled muscles activity. With more oxygen in your muscles, you will surf for longer periods.

Enable Effective Muscle Stability and Control
Board short liners help hold the muscle in place to give you more stability. It makes you feel the movements of your muscles and gives you the feeling of total muscle control.

Board Short Liner Reviews

Keep the chafing away and give the boys some support...

Our Choice

Original Waterman Men’s Jammers Compression Speed Suite Liners

A high-quality, water resistant, stretchy fabric was used to make this board short liner.

It is ultra-light and highly breathable and anti-rash. Original Waterman Men's Jammers Compression Speed Suite Liners is made of smooth material that guarantees comfort even as this supper stretchy outfit forms tightly on your body. They come in different sizes. In case of any problem, the manufacturers guarantee 30-day cashback. You will never go wrong with this one.

Runner Up

Dakine Men’s Heavy Duty Surf Under Shorts

For it to be called heavy duty, durability is the undeniable characteristic of this surf under short. It is made 11% spandex and 89% polyester and has been tested and proven to endure extreme encounters both in the waters and on the mountain. After all, the company's headquarters are at the foot of Mt. Hood, Oregon.

These under shorts are choice for protection against elements. Its fabric is soft and friendly to you and the environment.

Other Compression Shorts For Surfing

Addition board short liners for your review.

Hurley Pro Compression Light 18” Shorts- Midnight Navy

It is 92% polyester, 8% spandex and is machine washable. This impeccable base layer shorts from Hurley is a solid choice. The comfort, durability, breathability and the secure elastic waistband says it all.

The color and overall design perfectly compliment the performance of these shorts. We can bet on it.

Hurley Men’s Dri-Fit Surf Undershorts

It fits perfectly tight and keeps you dry courtesy of the peerless Dri-FIT technology. That is the distinguishing benefit of choosing Hurley Men's Dri-Fit Surf Undershorts. Its ergonomic construction is highly breathable and offers freedom for movement. The elastic waistband and the flat seams feel stunningly smooth on your skin. It has an elastic closure and 13" high performing stretchy fabric that elevates your surfing to the next level.

Hurley Men’s Pro LIGHT SHORT 18”

This is a boxer brief-style of board short liner from Hurley. You can use it for board sports, running, training and other activities. The 8% spandex construction combined with solid workmanship employed in the making of this 18” inseam short makes it breathable and comfortable. Hurley doesn’t disappoint.

Dakine Men’s Under Surf Short

This surf under-short is a true representation of Dakine. It shows cases the skillful nature of the manufacturer through its detail-focused design.

Dakine Men's Under Surf Short has an adjustable waist with flatlock seams which make it fit snugly. It is excellent in protecting you against elements and rash on a long surf session. 89% polyester and 11% Elastane and UPF 50+ sun protection are the features that magnify the comfort, stretchy functionality and the rock-solid protection you will find in this hand-washable short liner.

HELO Men's Compression Shorts

Helo Shorts did a nice job in designing these shorts. It is a blend of recycled polyester and it comes with supreme comfort and you can have them on all day long.

The soft feel and the exclusive waist design combined with a heavy-duty flat seam waistband prevents skin irritation. This short is well made with an inseam and fine mesh to improve breathability and allow fast drying. It is a real deal.

Billabong Men's All Day Surf Undershort

An anti-microbial finish on this silky smooth short helps it to stay odour-free after your surfing sessions. Billabong Men's Classic all Day Premium Under Short 50+UPF is 87% polyester and 13% Elastane which is designed with rash-guard fit to give it an ergonomic touch.

It is soft and comfortable. With the high-percentage polyester intertwined with elastane, you should NOT machine wash this short. It is terrific in performance and has UPF 50+ sun protection.

Rip Curl Men’s Aggroskins Under Short

You cannot ignore the sleek design of this one. The noteworthy flatlock stitch fit perfectly to offer comfort and protection against chaff. It is constructed of 91% Nylon and 9% Spandex and also features a 50+ UPF sun protection. This gives excellent stretchability while giving you ultimate protection from elements.

The supper thin fabric forms closely to your body and will help you swim faster after you lose your board.

Rip Curl Flashbomb Polypro Rash Shorts

A super-stretch free flex neoprene design constructed from 88% polyester and 12% elastane. This results in a stretchy and comfortable board short liner which gives you freedom of movement.

Rip Curl Flashbomb Polypro Rash Shorts is a highly breathable short with E4 action panels that enhance their stretchability. Your safety is guaranteed by the pull cord wait for a close-fitting waistband. It is a good choice for protection from the chafing, sun and other elements. It was designed for the anti-rush assignment.

O’Neill Men’s Premium Skin UPF 50+ Shorts

This compression short is constructed of 6oz Nylon/polyester and features a 50+ UV protection with a flatlock stitch. This means that you have a soft and comfortable, fast dry, 4-way stretch shorts which offer premier protection from the sun and other elements.

This type of construction form-fits you just like another skin layer. All these are the features and functionalities you will find in O'Neill Men's Premium Skin UPF 50+ Shorts.

Board Liner FAQs

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