Children’s Pool La Jolla, CA

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Children’s Pool Beach is a sandy beach area that was given to La Jolla by Ellen Browning Scripps.

The goal was to create a place where the children of the community could swim and play while being protected from oncoming waves.

However, harbor seals have since taken over the area and made Children’s Pool their home.

What to Do At Children’s Pool Beach?

The invasion of the harbor seals has turned Children’s Pool Beach into a top destination for wildlife spotters.

If you have ever wanted to get close to these beautiful creatures, this is your perfect chance!

Children’s Pool Beach is closed during pupping season, which takes place from mid-December to mid-May, but you can visit the seals and sea lions during the rest of the year.

There is a permanent lifeguard station keeping a watch over things and there are several locations on the beach where you can get a great view of the animals and the sea.

You can take your kids to the area and watch over the seals while snapping pictures and enjoying the friendly atmosphere.

What Else is There to do in La Jolla for Kids?

Although the seals have taken over Children’s Pool, there are still lots of other things for kids to do in La Jolla.

There are other beaches, including La Jolla Shores Beach, where there are lifeguards on duty, and you will also find some great eateries nearby.

To see some more animals, take the kids to the Birch Aquarium, where you will find dozens of underwater habitats and a museum.

It’s a great day out for all of the family and is suitable for kids aged 5 and over.

La Jolla Cove and Kellogg Park are also worth visiting the next time you take the kids to La Jolla, CA.