Creatures Of Leisure Stash Lock Review

You may be new to surfing or you may be a pro. Whichever is true for you, it’s always a struggle to figure out where to put keys when you’re surfing. We’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’re going to give you a full Creatures of Leisure Stash Lock review. 

What’s good about the lock, and what should you consider before buying it? Will it work for your car, and just how theft-proof is it? Let’s dive in. 

Creatures of Leisure Stash Lock

How many times have you gotten to the beach, unpacked your gear and then wondered where you’ll keep your car keys and other valuables? The Creatures of Leisure Stash Lock is a surfer’s best friend. 

This little lock is a code-opened compartment that will hold electronic keys, old school keys, and even a small stash of cash. It hooks to the undercarriage of your vehicle and remains out of sight until you’re done on the beach. 

The Creatures of Leisure Stash Lock is both heavy-duty and water-resistant. That makes it perfect for those overcast days in Surf City. The stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, too, so you won’t find it rusting against the salt air like other lockboxes will. 

Why is the Creatures of Leisure Stash Lock Superior?

The last thought on your mind when you’re catching waves should be, “Is my car secure?” That’s why we love this little lock. It’s impervious to cold, heat, and salt air, and there are ten thousand possible combinations. 

Setting the lock is simple, too. The lock comes with simple and easy-to-follow instructions that will show you how to set your own four-digit code. Just be sure you’ll remember it, as this lock is virtually impossible to break. 

Once you’ve set your code, securing your keys and valuables is simple. Park. Lock your car. Put your keys in the Stash Lock. Flip the digits and attach to your car. Done. You can now surf in peace and your vehicle will be exactly where you left it. 

Who Needs the Creatures of Leisure Stash Lock?

The Creatures of Leisure Stash Lock isn’t just for surfing. Whether you’re running, climbing, or camping, you may find yourself wondering where to put keys when you’re away from your vehicle.

In the old days, it was typical to tie your key to your shoestring or to tuck it into a pocket on your board shorts or sports bra. Today, we have the Creatures of Leisure Stash Lock and that discomfort isn’t necessary. 

Whatever sport you’re into (or if you’re just going to spend the day lounging on the beach) the Creatures of Leisure Stash Lock will give you the peace of mind you need to know that your vehicle is secure while you’re away. 

How Does the Creatures of Leisure Stash Lock Secure My Vehicle?

Using the Creatures of Leisure Stash Lock is ultra-simple. The water-resistant lock comes with the instructions you’ll need to set your combination. Use any four-digit code that won’t be easily guessed by others and set the lock PIN. 

Now, imagine you’ve used your wedding anniversary. You and your spouse’s relationship goes pear-shaped and you need to set a new code. Easily done, as the Creatures of Leisure Stash Lock is resettable. 

How does your vehicle remain protected? Your lock is an extra-large storage compartment that is virtually invisible to prying eyes. Because it’s corrosion-resistant, you’re not going to see rust or the effects of the weather. It’s also virtually invisible, so thieves won’t know where your keys are stashed—no more hiding your key on your back tire. 

Summary: Creatures of Leisure Stash Lock

Whether you’re looking for a place to hide your keys for surfing, hiking, camping or even just spending the day at the beach, Creatures of Leisure has you covered. This resettable lock will keep your keys and cash stashed away so you can enjoy your day in the sun with no worries.