Foamie Surfboards on Amazon

Amazon is a one stop shop for everything … including foam & soft top surfboards. Here as what we think are some of the best foamie surfboard options on Amazon.

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Foamie Surfboards Amazon

Our Choice: The Costco WAVESTORM

Once only available to Costco members, the WAVESTORM is available to everyone and their mother, compliments of Amazon.

Surfers love the Wavestorm because they are cheap, easy to use, paddle fast and ton of float. They make catching waves easy for newbies and they make surfing playful for the experienced surfer. They are one of the best faomie surfboards you can buy.

Amazon shoppers love them because it can be at your doorstep within 20 minutes (give or take a day or so) with Amazon Prime.

If you want a bigger foamie to have fun with, the WAVESTORM from Costco is a great option. If you want more turning in your surfing game, read on.

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More Foamie Surfboards on Amazon

California Board Company’s Foam Surf Board Quick-Hit Review

We’ve surfed this board. It is by far the easiest board you can use to watch waves. If you are looking to stand up on a surfboard your first day, this it the foamie board for you.

We don’t know where this foamie board originated. It’s quite possible it is the direct to video version of a surfboard (read: it was created to sell on Amazon). Either way it doesn’t matter. This foamie is a hoot to surf.

  • Size: 7′
  • Fin set up: Thruster
  • Shipping & Handling: Free if you have Prime

This foamie makes learning to surf easy. It catches just about any ripple given how much foam it has. It’s not the best turning board of the foamies, but if you are looking to stand up and go straight, this board will happily do the job.

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Photo Title Price Buy
Wavestorm 8ft Surfboard...image Wavestorm 8ft Surfboard // Foam Wax Free Soft Top Longboard for Adults and Kids of All Levels of Surfing, Multicolor $188.81
Wavestorm 5’6 Original...image Wavestorm 5’6 Original New Modern Swallowtail Surfboard $262.90
South Bay Board...image South Bay Board Co. - 5' / 6' / 8' Beginner Surfboards - Safe Soft-Top Surfboards - Best Beginner Surfboards for Kids & Adults – Strong Triple Stringer Durability - Leash & Safe-Edge Fins Included $299.00
South Bay Board...image South Bay Board Co. - 7' / 8' / 8'8 Premium Foam Surfboards - Wax-Free Soft-Top Surfboards - Best Beginner Surfboards for Kids & Adults – Fins & Leash Included - Patented Heat Damage Prevention System $449.00
KONA SURF CO....image KONA SURF CO. The 4-4 Surfboard for Beginners Kids and Adults - Soft Top Foam Surfboards for Beach – Surf as a Boogie Board Bodyboard or Softboard - Includes Fins and Leash in Light Blue sz:4ft 4in

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