Gifts for Surfers

Here are 5 great gifts for the surfer on your list.

INDO BOARD Pro Balance Board with Roller

Quality is top on the list for every potential buyer. You are not an exception. But when quality is perfectly paired with size and then presented to you in different colors to choose from, then that is magic!! That in a nutshell is the Indo Board Pro Balance Board.

It comes with a 42" x 15" deck with a 8.5" diameter making this king-size balance board a good fit for both shorter and taller people. It is perfect for agility, coordination, balance and even cross-stepping training.

It is the premier choice for most high-performance fitness centers across the world. Many elite athletes start their balance board journey on this board.

Rinse Kit Portable Outdoor Shower

The RinseKit Outdoor shower is easily one of best pressurized portable shower on the market and is great for surfing and just about any other outdoor activity.

It holds up to 1.75 gallons of water and gives you up to a 4-minute shower.

Wave Bandit Retro Fish 5'8"

This foamie is one of the closest things you will get to feeling like you are surfing a fiberglass board. It comes with a side extra float for paddle power and fun, because, it's a foamie, duh.

You just may forget you are surfing a foamie. This is the go-to performance foamie.  You can surf this board aggressively like a fiberglass board. You don't need to surf conservatively like a bigger foam board.

Creatures of Leisure SurfEars Water Out Sound in Ear Plugs

This is our number one ear plug that offers amazing features. We absolutely love it for one thing; it keeps all water out and keeps most of the sound in. This means that it prevents water from getting into the ear and at the same time it does not affect your hearing when surfing. Not many ear plugs are able to do this.

We also like these ear plugs because they are easy to keep clean. They are designed with a proprietary acoustic mesh that blocks water, wind, and dirt from getting into the ear. This will help prevent inflammation, infection, and overgrowth of bones in the ear.

SurfEars features include:

  • Keeps water out and sound in with mesh technology
  • Eco packaging with a premium case
  • Improved leash
  • Improved water seal
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Multiple ear plug sizes

Mrs. Palmers Surf Wax

Our go-to wax is Mrs. Palmers Wax. They have a fun take on an otherwise bland, basic category (it's surf wax, after all). Their wax comes in a nifty box that you can use to store your unused wax which helps to identify the temperature it is designed for.

From our experience, it does not lose its rate of stickiness easily. This mean that it can be used several times before a new layer can replaced.

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