Best Hard Roof Racks for Surfing

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Hard roof racks are a set of bars secured onto the roof of your car that you use to carry bulky items like surfboards and containers for showering systems, or just about anything you don’t want in the interior of your car.

A good hard roof rack system for surfers will have adequate space, a good locking system, good roof clearance and the ability to withstand a good amount of weight.

It will also have minimal noise and drag, easy assembly, durability, and last but certainly not least, a fair price.

We have reviewed a number of hard roof racking systems to aid you in choosing the one that’s right for you that considers your surfing needs.

Hard Roof Rack For Surfing Reviewed

There are a lot of options and a few key configurations to choose from.

We think the below are some of the best hard roof racks for surfing. 

Our Choice

The Thule Aeroblade Edge Flush Mount Rack

This rack system from Thule is a natural winner.

Aesthetically made to follow the curves of your roof, these bars will give you a great experience.

This rack is easy to install because it’s pre-assembled.

The foot and bar design will give you a low profile, aerodynamic package with one of the strongest capacity in the market.

Carrying a surfboard or 2 or more is an easy ask from this rack.

The Thule Aeroblade Edge Flush Mount Rack has so many good features to pick from, but our favorite its miniscule noise and drag made possible by the Wind Diffuser technology which disturbs airflow greatly minimizing the effects of the elements.

If you have ever had the standard square rack system you know the whistling noise is no joke.

This rack system takes that noise out of the equation.

Track system is T-track compatible and has a lockable system.

This is a convenient, practical, easy to use and aesthetically appealing system for surfing and other board sports.

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YAKIMA Timberline kit Complete Base Rack System for Cars with Raised Roofs

You want a rack system for life?

Well, the Timberline from YAKIMA comes with a lifetime warranty.

It also custom fits your roof, which is what you are looking for in something that is permanently on your vehicle’s roof.

It’s a secure, study rack system that will allow you to carry a lot of gear with less hustle, including a surfboard or two.

This rack system is a great option for surfers.

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Other Hard Racks For Surfing

More choices transport your surfboard back and forth from the beach.

AVALANTURE Universal Roof Rack Cross Bar Set with Lock Adjustable

AVALANTURE Universal Roof Rack Cross Bar Set is probably one of the most versatile racking systems out there.

Easy to assemble, you simply hook it to your car door frame and you’re ready to go. Its versatile self-adaptive base feet will follow the arc of your roof to secure the cross bar and its four rubber pads clips will shield your vehicle from scratches and damage.

It’s made from aluminum so it cuts down on weight and is still extra strong.

It has 40-70% less noise and wind resistance due to its streamlined, water drop design.

The rubber gaskets included also efficiently relieve vibration as well as avoiding car paint damage to the roof.

It is lockable which makes it pretty secure.

With a load capacity of 165lbs, this racking system will safely and securely carry almost anything you need to for a day trip or surfing safari, including your bulky stuff.  

It works with any roof accessories that have T-bolts, for example luggage boxes, cargo basket carrier, kayak mounts, snowboard/bike rack etc.

Its universal fit is compatible for most vehicles that don’t have any actual side rails especially if they have 96cm-134cm between the car window frames.

So, if you want a versatile hard rack system that you can remove from your vehicle after using it, this may be a good place to look.

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Thule 811XT Board Shuttle SUP Carrier

The Thule 811XT Board Shuttle SUP Carrier is a simple transportation solution that is attached to your existing roof rack. Specifically designed to for surfers, this racking system can comfortably fit two surf boards securely.

It has padding that is weather resistant that will protect the boards during transit with padded load strips to secure them tightly and avoid damage to your boards.

Its lock ability will ensure your boards are safe even when you have to run other errands.

This is a very good solution for surfers.

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Cargo Lock 2-Piece 52″ Aluminum Rooftop Cross Bar Set

This is a high-quality aluminum (strength without weight) roof rack system with a capacity of 150 Lbs which is plenty if you are mainly tying down surfboards.

It is lockable for enhanced security and measures 52″ lengthwise with a maximum span of 46″ widthwise.

It fits most vehicles that have existing side rails with a gap.

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Hooke Road Roof Rack Cross Bars

Compatible with most Jeep makes, the Hooke Road Roof Rack Cross Bars system is versatile and extremely outdoorsy.

It has plenty of space for accessories and carriers and has a simple modern bolt-on installation mechanism with removable cross bars that mount directly onto your existing hard top’s rain gutters.

Made of ABS plastic and superior aluminum alloy construction, it works with a wide range of accessory mounts making it extremely versatile and convenient.

It is perfect for travel and adventure and its full-length bars create enough space for carriers and accessories allows to carry all your surfing and adventure bits and pieces comfortably.

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Thule Evo Pack Foot Clamp

This high technology hard roof rack steel system from Thule allows for a single attachment that secures both foot to roof and system to car.

It is extremely easy to assemble as it has click-in features with tactile feedback once properly secured. With a maximum load of 165 lbs, you will be able to carry all the gear and other fun stuff you need.

For added security, you can purchase the Thule One-Key locks separately.

Suited for vehicles without factory installed racks or attachment points for pre-existing racks, this is a perfect solution to completely modify your car and make it surf ready.

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SportRack Complete Roof Rack System

This is the “one stop shop” of roof rack systems.

It is preassembled (bars, feet, hooks locks) and ready to go, with no drilling required, which makes installation a breeze.

Made of steel, it has a weight capacity of 130 Lbs., on which you will be able to carry just about anything.

Its low profile make diffuses wind creating an almost noiseless, safe drive.

Let’s not forget its best feature yet…its got a rather sporty look and will fit right into your sporty surfing activities. Go be sporty.

With options to choose from that will fit your specific vehicle, this is definitely an easy to use, affordable option.

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YITAMOTOR 54″ Universal Roof Rack Cross Bars

This is an extremely flexible rack system that adjusts from 34.5 to 49.5 inches in width, making it compatible for a wide range of vehicles and SUV’s whose existing side rails have a gap of between 1.5″-2.5″.

Made from lightweight aluminum crossbar mounts with high quality plastic base feet and padded clips that will protect your roof from scratches and provide a firm grip.

You will not need to drill to install the crossbars.

Delivered with necessary installation tools, this system is completely easy to assemble and take apart in just a few minutes.

This system has minimal noise and due its streamlined low-profile design which greatly reduces resistance.

The cost of getting this rack system will depend on the features you select, color, size of car etc. but you will definitely get a bargain as their prices are not very steep.

This system can handle 150lbs. (68Kgs) of just about anything you wish to carry.

You can carry your surfboards, fishing gear, camping paraphernalia and whole host of other items.

This is roof rack also ranks high in the versatility department.

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