Jamie O’Brien & Surfing Dinosaurs, Giant SUPs, Coach, Inner Tubes & More

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Why have a 9-foot fiberglass surfboard when you can ride a 20-foot inflatable? Why opt for a standard foamie when you can ride a giant pink flamingo?

That was probably the reasoning behind some of the insane inflatable rides in this video because we’re not sure what else these guys were thinking!

Giant Inflatable SUP at Sunset with JOB

Jamie O’Brien and 6 of his friends inflate a giant surfboard, grab some paddles, and head out onto the surf for an evening of big waves and wipeouts on the North Shore. It’s windy, it’s wet, and it’s perfect for this monstrosity of a surfboard.

You’ll see some epic waves in the video, including one around the 4:30 mark that swipes them all off the board with ease.

Jamie O’Brien has produced some fantastic videos over the years, but this is one of the best. It’s half a dozen surfers paddling like mad on an inflatable deathtrap during a North Shore sunset—what could be better?

Giant Flamingo in Hawaii with JOOGSQUAD

One giant pink flamingo, several crazy surfers, and some wild Hawaiian waves—it’s a recipe for chaos, and it delivers exactly what it promises.

After a quick introduction to the general theme, this JOOGSQUAD video transitions into some epic skimboarding clips, complete with mad flips, somersaults, and whitewater wipeouts.

At around 8 minutes, we’re introduced to a fully inflatable flamingo and a giant inflatable surfboard. The flamingo is placed on top of the board before the squad grabs their paddles and head into a scary shore break.

It is every bit as bizarre and wonderful as you can imagine. In the contest of flamingo vs wave, the wave is the ultimate victor as “Flo”, the giant inflatable flamingo, is crushed and destroyed following a wipeout just after the 17-minute mark.

Crazy Innertube Riding

Our first introduction to the innertube comes via Jamie O’Brien on the Red Bull YouTube channel. JOB tackles Pipeline’s famous waves on this unpredictable inflatable, creating some high-speed runs. The video ends with some classic Pipeline surfing clips.

The second video was filmed during a windy day at Morro Bay as Erik Jones is tossed around in the surf. He attracts a crowd and one of them eventually calls 911 before the First Responders help him out of the water.

At around 1:43, you can hear one of the bystanders admonishing Erik’s friend, suggesting that he was encouraging him into the water and should be ashamed of himself. To be fair to the concerned lady, Erik doesn’t look like he’s having a lot of fun out there and is pretty much a slave to the waves.

Sumo Tubes at Nazare and Hossegor

Nazare is a big wave paradise. This is where the world’s best big wave surfers set world records and film viral wipeouts. It’s also where Fred David and Toby Cunningham take their giant sumo suit and do a spot of bodysurfing.

It’s surprisingly effective, and they’re able to get some good long rides out of the suit. They do look a little lost in the water at times, tossed around like balls of fluff in a washing machine, but for the most part, they have the technique nailed down.

Bodysurfing Nazare may not sound like the perfect way to spend an afternoon, but once you’ve watched this video, we guarantee you’ll change your mind.

In the above video, one of the boys from the first sumo vid tries a spot of sumo surfing in Hossegor, and this time he’s brought a couple of friends. There are other inflatables here, as well, and they catch epic waves and shoot fantastic footage.

Surfing Jaws on an Inflatable Hot Dog

Another video from Red Bull, this time with Ian Walsh and an inflatable hotdog. Walsh gets towed in at Jaws and catches massive waves at the famous surf spot. There are some brilliant big wave surfing clips toward the end of this short video, so be sure to watch it through.

Big Waves and Inflatable Boats

And now for something completely different.

These videos are of inflatable boats tackling big waves. The one above was shot over a decade ago and features a 25HP inflatable.

The video above is more recent and was filmed on the West Coast of South Africa, giving you a POV from the inflatable as it cuts through the water.

This final video was also filmed in South Africa. It’s a bird’s eye view of a high-speed inflatable boat with Invictus by William Ernest Henley being recited over the top followed by some upbeat music.

Kayak Surfing at Pipeline

It’s that man Jamie O’Brien again and this time he’s surfing in an inflatable kayak at Pipeline. There are beach shots and GoPro shots, giving you the perfect view as JOB gets barrelled by strong Pipeline waves.

Surfing with Saturn Inflatable Kayaks

Another kayak video, this time with the AirFast Inflatable Kayak from Saturn. It’s more about showcasing the quality of the kayak than going all-out on big waves, but it still makes for some good viewing.

This video was filmed after a tropical storm a number of years ago. The beach is busy, the waves are strong, and it provides the perfect opportunity to test an inflatable kayak.

Canoe Surfing at Makaha

Outside TV features a short interview from the GOAT himself, Kelly Slater. It’s all about canoe surfing, with clips of canoes and giant inflatable boards getting rocked by the Makaha waves.

A Swimsuit Model and an Inflatable Unicorn

A swimsuit model, a giant unicorn, and strong waves—what more do you want?

We see Beth Walkemeyer take a trip into the surf and instantly get pummeled by a wave, knocking her off an inflatable unicorn.

The Inflatable Donut

Tom Roberts is a young YouTuber who shot this video while on vacation in Turkey. He grabs a giant inflatable donut, parks it near the shore, and waits for the waves to break. It’s a busy beach and while the waves seem timid at first, they pick up eventually.

Couch Surfing

We’re ending on a high note with one more video from JOB. This one includes an inflatable couch, surfboards, skimboards, bodyboards, and more, and it’s all shot at Back Door Pipeline, Oahu.