Mick Fanning Softboards Review

Mick Fanning Surfboards are designed by, here is comes, Mick Fanning (there it is), a former surfing champion and the first professional surfer to be filmed while having a shark encounter during a contest. It was pretty heavy moment.

Any way you want to describe Mick Fanning, you better say that the guy rips, because he does. He also has a solid life of soft surfboards.

All softboards come with FCS II Softflex Fins, which will make these boards more responsive than other soft top boards that come with cheap plastic fins.

DHD Black Diamond Review

This softboard is designed as a performance board. It has a pulled in tail and has plenty of foam under the chest which helps with padding and catching waves.

  • Price: Starting at $507
  • Designed for: The more experienced surfer, or the surfer who is transitioning from a floating log of a foamie surfboard to a more responsive foamie surfboard.
  • 3 Lengths: 5'10", 6'6", 6'10"

DHD Twin Review

This board can be ridden by the performance surfer or it can help the newbie find their style. The twin-fin set up, general outline and tail design will allow this softboard to turn well, paddle well, and be a fun machine.

  • Price: Starting at $498
  • Designed for: The more experienced surfer looking for a good time, or the surfer who is transitioning from a floating log of a foamie surfboard who is looking to add a little more style to their surfing.
  • 3 Lengths: 5'4", 5'8", 5'6"

MF Beastie Review

The MF Beastie has a 5 lengths to choose from, making it a bit of a choose your own adventure. Feeling confident? Go smaller. Looking to maximize wave count and paddle power? Go a little longer. If you are are looking for a mid-length foamie softboard, Mick has you covered with the MF Beastie.

  • Price: Starting at $515
  • Designed for: For the new surfer transitioning from a soft top longboard who isn't ready, willing or able to go down to a smaller board. This is wave catching machine and a very stable ride.
  • 5 Lengths: 6'0", 6'6", 7'0", 8'0", 9'0"

MF Eugenie Review

The MF Eugenie has the float, the size (they run small) and the outline to make small days in the waist-high zone more fun than not if you want to put the effort into it.

  • Price: Starting at $502
  • Designed for: The intermediate surfer who wants to put energy into their turns on a small day.
  • 3 Lengths: 4'10", 5'6", 5'10"

MF Little Marley

This board looks like a hybrid between a bigger board and a performance board, despite it's short stature. This little board will catch everthing in every condition.

  • Price: Starting at $511
  • Designed for: Intermediate and bigger surfers, and the surfer who doesn't want to ding their performance fiberglass board surfing shore break.
  • 3 Lengths: 5'2", 5'6", 5'10"

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