Pro Trainer Surf Mat Review

Before you head to the beach with your surfboard, it is a good idea to make sure that your body is also in surfing condition. Like many other sports, surfing requires strength, coordination and balance. Before you hit the waves, you can use a yoga surf mat and trainer board to get yourself ready for the waves. Not only will these trainers help you stay in shape, but when the weather is bad or your schedule is busy, you can still practice your surfing skills.

Keiki Play & Surf Mat

The Keiki Play & Surf Mat measures 60 by 24 inches long and 1/4 inch thick, making it an ideal size for groms. Made in the USA with latex-free, PVC foam, this surf mat features a diagram of four basic yoga positions that are helpful when surfing. It also has a colorfully, labeled traction pad that teaches new surfers the correct surfing positions. The Keiki Play & Surf Mat help groms test out their surfing poses and is available for $79. (link)

Who is the Keiki Play & Surf Mat For?

If you have kids, nieces, nephews, or any other youngsters in your life who are fascinated by surfing, the Keiki Play & Surf Mat is an ideal way to get them started. A few weeks with the Keiki Play & Surf Mat will help kids develop some of the flexibility, endurance and strength they need for their for that first time out on the water. The Keiki Play & Surf Mat is also a great complement to swimming lessons for to helping kids to perfect their strokes.

Pro Series Surf-Fit Performance Mat

The Pro Series Surf-Fit Performance Mat was developed on the North Shore of Oahu for land-based surfing training. It combines muscle memory and total-body coordination to help new and seasoned surfers develop precise movements through repetition. This mat can be used for drills, yoga and endurance. In fact, the Pro Series Surf-Fit Performance Mat can even be used for intense total-body workouts and yoga integration to burn calories. These workouts help surfers practice pop-ups,stance and all the moves of surfing. This portable mat is lightweight and made of latex-free, PVC foam. It is made in the USA, and it measures 84 inches long by 36 inches wide by 1/4 inch tall.The Pro Series Surf-Fit Performance Mat is available for $129.

Who is the Pro Series Surf-Fit Performance Mat For?

The Pro Series Surf-Fit Performance Mat is for any teenager, man or woman, who is looking for a new angle on fitness. If you experienced an injury and have to stay out of the water, using the Pro Series Surf-Fit Performance Mat allows you to retain your muscle memory, strength and flexibility, an even weight loss. Using them between surfing sessions is not only a good way to stay fit but also a good way to keep your muscles, tendons and ligaments strong and reflexes sharp. These Pro trainer surf mats are a good complement to your overall fitness routine and your surfing skills.

The Pro Series Surf-Fit Performance Mat also doubles as an extra-large yoga mat. It is also a great option for keeping yourself at your peak performance level when your schedule is too busy to get out on the waves. The portability of the mat makes it a great option for road trips.

No matter where you are, these training boards will you can still practice your surfing skills so you can surf like a pro once you hit the beach!

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