Best Surf Rack Straps Including Lockable Straps

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Don’t let your surfboard go airborne off of a moving vehicle.

Get some trusty straps to keep your surfboard secure on your roof racks.

Roof Rack Strap Reviews

Your precious cargo is not yet safe on the rack until it is tied down with a reliable strapping.

Here you are with your surfboards stacked on top of each other on your roof rack.

No doubt, you need to tie them down, or say goodbye to them in the rear view mirror.

The importance of a strong and reliable tie-down straps cannot be exaggerated.

Strength, durability, length and locks are among the top considerations to look for when is comes to roof rack straps.

To save you the pain, we have done extensive research for you and compiled a list of the best tie-down straps for your surfboard.

We know … You can thank us later.

Our Choice

Vamo premium 14′ Locking Tie Down With 3 Stainless Steel Cables ‘No Scratch’ Silicone Buckle

This is the ultimate way to tie down up to 5 surfboards on your rack.

These 14′ strap has silicone covering soft enough to prevent any friction no matter how tight the tie.

The dura nylon ensures that your boards remain scratch- free with compromising on strength and durability.

Within the covering is a strong strap made of three strands of interwoven stainless steel cables.

The additional security premium buckle makes you understand why this is our first choice.

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Runner Up

Creatures of Leisure Tie Down Silicon Rax 9 ft

How about a 9ft long, UV treated, 30mm heavy-duty webbing strap with a strong corrosion-free metal buckle?

Creatures of Leisure Tie Down Silicon Rax 12 ft delivers all this in a magnificent reusable carry bag.

These easy to use option is worth checking.

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Other Tie Downs for Surfboard Racks

KanuLock Lockable Reinforced Stainless Steel Tie Down Straps

The manufacturers of these amazing straps prioritized the security of your cargo with a lockable buckle.

The straps are also reinforced with a 2 x 2.4 mm stainless steel cable to make sure no blade or knife can cut through.

They come in four sizes: 8ft, 11ft, 13ft, and 18ft with two keys. Security is always a concern.

Kanulocks tie-down can handle that for you.

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BPS ‘No Scratch’ Premium Surf or SUP Tie Down

When they say “no scratch” they mean it. You may want a buckle on your strap but a metal one may scratch your boards or even your car.

That concern is taken care of in this case with a strong plastic buckle.

BPS ‘No Scratch’ Premium Surf or SUP Tie Down also come with a beautiful drawstring carry bag to save you the mess of entangled straps.

With this bag, storage is also made easy.

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Dorsal Surfboard Kayak SUP Surf Roof Rack Tie Down Straps 15ft – 2-Pack

Having a 15 ft long pair of reliable straps with heavy-duty anodized buckles that have a buckle pad to prevent scratching is impressive.

This is not your average tie-down straps.

Dorsal Surfboard Kayak SUP Surf Roof Rack Tie Down Straps 15ft – 2-Pack are made of UV resistant polypropylene and are available in a variety of colors; Black, Grey, Blue, Red, Yellow and Lockable versions.

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Nite Ize CJWR12-09-R6 CamJam Tie Down Strap

How long do you want your straps? 6fts, 12fts, or 18fts?

Nite Ize has it all. They make straps of different length according to your needs.

They can support maximum weight of 700lb comfortably.

These fascinating straps have a non-slip buckle that prevents and sudden unloading event under pressure.

The straps can be optimized into a loop or lockout configuration.

The zinc alloy cam with high- density nylon is intended for enhanced security. A silicone pad is fitted to prevent scratching.

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Thule 531 Express Surf Strap

While many tie-down straps will come in limited lengths, Thule 531 Express Surf Strap it a stretchable strap.

Stretching helps increase both the length and the fastening pressure.

Another peculiar touch is its looped ends that can be fastened around an edge.

The strap is also UV resistant and features strong webbing.

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This wraps up our review of tie downs to help keep your surfboard strapped to the roof of your car.