Softech Softboard Surfboards Reviews

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If you’re a grom or new surfer and are looking for the best board to take to the waves, softboards from Softech Surfboards are a great choice

Softech makes a variety of softboards that feature a high level of buoyancy, making them ideal for kids, new surfers, and experienced surfers.

Softtech Surfboards use FCS fins systems making these board fun for surfers in the learning phase of their surfing and for surfers who can make a turn who want to put a little fun and variety into their surfing.

Softech Surfboards’ Original Series

The below Softech Surboard models are what put Softech on the map.

These of some of the first softboards to hit the market. They are quality boards at a lower price.

Fat Boy Review

The Fat Boy from Softech is designed for the beginner surfer who is looking to learn to surf by catching whitewater.

As first-time foamie surfboards go, this is a great board.

New surfers will catch waves in no-time flat, as long as conditions aren’t totally flat. That was a surfing joke, if you missed it.

  • Price: $420
  • Designed for: The beginner surfer or the bigger surfer.
  • 2 Lengths: 7′, 8′
  • 2 Colors: Apple Green, Powder Blue

Rocket Launch Review

The Rocket Launch from Softech is a small softboard topping out at 4 and half feet in length.

The length of this board will translate into quick turns on the face of the wave.

The volume that is placed in the front of the board will help surfers paddle, increase wave count and get into the wave early.

  • Price: $195
  • Designed for: The small grom or experienced surfer.
  • 2 Lengths: 4’2″, 4’6″
  • 2 Colors: Blue

Sabre Review

The Sabre from Softech is designed to turn on the face of the wave for the new surfer.

It’s a great softboard for surfers who are gaining confidence in their surfing who want to start to advance their surfing.

  • Price: $250
  • Designed for: The new surfer who has established basic surfing skills.
  • 2 Lengths: 5’4″, 6’6″
  • 1 Colors: Sabre Blue and Marble

Handshaped Shortboard Review

The Handshaped from Softech looks like a generic, moderately fun board.

We think there are more interesting boards from Softech you can ride.

Keep reading.

  • Price: $250
  • Designed for: The beginner surfer.
  • 1 Lengths: 5’4″
  • 1 Colors: Blue

Handshaped Softboard Review

The Handshaped from Softech has the length and volume to support surfers as they develop their skills from first-timers to more confident bigger surfers

  • Price: $265
  • Designed for: The new surfer who wants to paddle into unbroken waves and stand up.
  • 7 Lengths: 6’0″, 6’6″, 7’0″, 7’6″, 8’0″, 8’4″, 9’0″,
  • 5 Colors: Soft Sky, Blue, Yellow, Grey, Smoked

Softech Surfboards’ Performance Boards

The below softboard models from Softech are for more experience surf looking to diversify their fun in the water, and surf over rocks if you are Mason Ho.

Bomber Review

The Bomber from Softech looks like ton of fun for a small price tag.

This board will make small summer waves worth getting wet for.

  • Price: $280
  • Designed for: The surfer who wants to cruise down the line.
  • 2 Lengths: 5’10”, 6’4″
  • 2 Colors: Grey Acid, White Blue

Eric Geiselman Flash / Flash Review (2 Models)

The Eric Geiselman Flash / Flashfrom Softech looks like a lot of fun on a waist to chest high day for a surfer show can bring the nose around on a juicy turn.

Consider upgrading the fins for more responsive turns and for keeping speed as you make your way back down the line from a lively turn.

  • Price: $255 / $255
  • Designed for: The experienced surfer looking to have fun on softboard
  • 2 Lengths: 5’0″, 5’7″ / 5’0″, 5’7″
  • 2 Colors: Blue Marble / Black Marble, Color Marble

Rocket Fish / Kyuss King Fish Review (2 Models)

The Rocket Fish from Softech’s today’s classic fish of the softboard world.

We bet it rides great based on the outline and fin placement.

The Kyuss King Fish is a Rocket Fish with is a 3-fin, thruster set up instead of the twinny set up.

Fun, probably, but it’s not going to give you that fish ride like the Rocket Fish will.

Call us purists.

Or don’t, we are talking about softboards after all. Pick the one you feel is fun.

You can also remove the trailing fin of the Kyuss King Fish if you go that route.

Then you get two boards in one!

  • Price: $255 / $255
  • Designed for: Surfers who want a fun, fish softboard, or Kyuss King and those that want to surfers who like his style, depending on which model you into.
  • 1 Lengths: 4’8″
  • 1 Colors: White Marble / Black White, Marble

Mason Twin Review

The Mason Twin from Softech looks like one of the more performance softboards of the bunch with its twin set up and bat tail.

  • Price: $260
  • Designed for: Surfer who want to ride a fast, loose board.
  • 2 Lengths: 5’2″, 5’6″
  • 2 Colors: Neo Red White, Lime Yellow

Mystery Box Review

The Mystery Box from Softech is probably thee fastes and most responsive board of the Softech bunch.

You will be able to generate a lot of speed on this board with the quad set up.

  • Price: $295
  • Designed for: The experienced surfer who wants to ride a quad.
  • 1 Lengths: 5’2″
  • 1 Colors: White

Each of these softboards has fun and unique features that are designed to enhance your comfort, confidence and control on the waves.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned surfer, these softboards make all your time on the water fun.

Enjoy your next ride on the waves and build your skills with any one of these Softech surfboards.