Wavestorm vs Other Soft Tops

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The Wavestorm surfboard is one of the best options for a beginner on a budget.

It’s a soft top with a massive reputation and at $150 (available at Costco and Amazon) for a durable and fun foam surfboard, you really can’t complain.

But how does the Wavestorm soft top surfboard compare to other foam surfboards?

Wavestorm Vs Storm Blade

The Storm Blade has a slightly higher price tag than the Wavestorm.

It’s a 6′ Swallow Tail that comes with a Thruster fin setup and a leash.

Despite its short length, the Storm Blade is a buoyant and stable board.

It has a volume of 49 liters and a textured deck that negates the need for wax.

It’s also incredibly tough, so don’t let the low price fool you into thinking this is a throwaway surfboard.

The Storm Blade is made by the same parent company as the Wavestorm and if you’re looking for a shorter board, it might be the better option.

Wavestorm Vs Catch Surf Beater Pro

The Catch Surf Beater Pro 54 is the same price as the Storm Blade and trims even more off the length.

It’s shorter than 5 feet and will make for a challenging ride for anyone learning to surf.

It’s fun and the dual stringers and high-density foam ensure that it’s solid and durable as well.

However, the surface is smoother than the Wavestorm, there is no leash attached, and it’s not as durable.

It’s worth considering if the Wavestorm is too long or you want a compact board that provides a tough but fun ride.

However, we feel that the Wavestorm is the better option overall.

Wavestorm Vs Wave Bandit Performer

The Wave Bandit is a surfboard collection from Catch Surf.

It encompasses a wide range of boards but the Wave Bandit Performer is the one that stands out the most.

Available in sizes ranging from 5’6 to 6’6, these fun foam boards are super light and buoyant.

Longer surfboards are typically the preferred option for beginners, but the added buoyancy of the Performer makes it a solid beginner option.

It’s a questionable choice for advanced surfers, but as a beginner board or a step up board, it’s ideal.

If you’re learning to surf, the Wavestorm is still the best option.

If you’re ready to step up to something smaller, the Performer is a good option.

Wavestorm Vs Gerry Lopez

Gerry Lopez soft top surfboards are very similar to Wavestorms.

They are both 8-foot foamies and they provide a similar riding experience and level of quality. It’s hard to separate the two and many consumers have argued that they are basically just the same board with a different branding.

We wouldn’t go that far, but it’s unlikely that you’ll notice a massive difference between the two.

If one option is cheaper at the time or you prefer the design, just go for that one.

Both of them are great foam boards for all skill levels, giving beginners something that can help them to learn and providing intermediates and pros with a fun flat surfboard.

Wavestorm Vs A Longboard

When you’re first learning to surf, you need a board with a lot of buoyancy and length.

You have more stability and that makes it easier to balance and ride in flatter surf.

Both longboards and the Wavestorm are good for this.

A longboard may actually be the better option as it’s typically a little longer than the Wavestorm.

However, the Wavestorm is a cheap, widely available, foam surfboard that’s fun, stable, and just as reliable.

It all comes down to budget and personal preference and for many, the Wavestorm will be the best option.

After all, the Wavestorm is available for between $150 and $200 and will last for years to come.

You will struggle to find a reliable hardboard for the same price.

Summary: Wavestorm Soft Top Surfboard

Whether you’re learning to surf or just want to have fun on a cheap and fun surfboard, you can’t go wrong with the Wavestorm.

It practically has its own cult, and thousands of surfers can’t be wrong!

For other low-cost and high-quality soft top surfboards made for beginners, check out the Gerry Lopez.