Foamie Surfboards


Best Foamy Surfboards For Beginners

Soft surfboards are the way to go if you’re a beginner. Also known as “foamies”, these boards have introduced millions of surfers to the sport and provide a number of newbie-focused benefits that you just don’t get with other types of board, including: Price: Although the price can vary, foamies are generally a lot cheaper …

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Foamie Surfboards on Amazon

Amazon is a one stop shop for everything … including foam & soft top surfboards. Here as what we think are some of the best foamie surfboard options on Amazon. Click here to see all of the foam surfboards Amazon has to offer. Foamie Surfboards Amazon Our Choice: The Costco WAVESTORM Once only available to …

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Mick Fanning Softboards Review

Mick Fanning Surfboards are designed by, here is comes, Mick Fanning (there it is), a former surfing champion and the first professional surfer to be filmed while having a shark encounter during a contest. It was pretty heavy moment. Any way you want to describe Mick Fanning, you better say that the guy rips, because …

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Catch Surf Beater Boards Reviews

Catch Surf has a ton of boards variations they offer in their Beater surfboard line. We are going to break it down so you can make an easier decision. Whether you’re a seasoned or beginner surfer. In fact, Catch Surf’s first surfboard produced is are actually The Beater. It has a water-resistant cores, dual wood …

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Best Foamie Surfboards

Foam surfboards and soft top surfboards (they are the same thing), starting showing up in the surfing line up about 5 years ago. Today, they are everywhere thanks to Costco’s cheap (and fun) Wavestorm soft top. Things have progressed since Costco’s first foam surfboard, the Wavestorm. Soft tops are now so good in quality they …

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Almond Surfboards Review

As per the Almond Surboard website, “Our new R-Series surfboard is an answer to the disposable, replaceable, returnable foam boards that are flooding local lineups lately.” As surfers, we love the ocean. We should take steps to doing our part. Almond Surfboards seems to have taken a big step in the right direction with their …

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