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How To Wax A Surfboard

To become a skilled surfer, you’ll need more than what you see happening on the water. Caring for your board off the water is also important in surfing. Learning to wax your surfboard will help you better take care of your board and better enjoy the surf! Waxing a surfboard involves two different types of …

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How To Wash A Wetsuit

One of the first things that you’ll find when learning to surf is wetsuits can smell terrible if they aren’t taken care of the right way. Learn how you can knock out wetsuit funk so you can focus on learning to surf, not the nasty smell of your wetsuit. Why Do Wetsuits Smell So Badly? …

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How To Stand Up On A Surfboard

If you’re new to surfing, standing up on a board that’s rushing straight toward a beach may seem tough, or even scary. But don’t worry, standing on a surfboard will get easier with time. The right form combined with a lot of practice on a moving surfboard can eventually make popping or standing up second …

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How To Duck Dive A Surfboard

Congratulations! You’ve got the basics of surfing down. At this point, you’ve learned how to paddle and stand on a surfboard, but your surfing lessons aren’t over yet. The next step is learning how to duck dive on a shortboard. A duck dive helps you push your shortboard under the wave so that you don’t …

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Buying Your First Surfboard

Buying your first surfboard is a key part of becoming a surfer. The excitement of looking at all of the surfboards, their colors and styles is exhilarating, but can feel overwhelming for a beginner. Let’s get into how to choose your first surfboard as a beginner surfer. These tips will help you select an ideal …

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Pro Trainer Surf Mat Review

Before you head to the beach with your surfboard, it is a good idea to make sure that your body is also in surfing condition. Like many other sports, surfing requires strength, coordination and balance. Before you hit the waves, you can use a yoga surf mat and trainer board to get yourself ready for …

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