FAQs about Hydrofoil Surfboards

Hydrofoil surfboards are a hot topic in the surfing community right now. They’re unusual, unique, and great fun. As a result, many surfers are eager to buy their first foil board and try this technology out for themselves. If you are one of these surfers, you probably have a few questions about how hydrofoil surfboards …

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A Complete Guide to Longboard Surfboards

In simple terms, a Longboard is a surfboard that’s over 8 or 9 feet long depending on who you ask and usually at least 20 inches wide. Among professional surfers, Longboards are not as popular as Shortboards, but they certainly have their benefits, including easier paddling. Longboards generally fall into one of two categories: the noserider Longboard and the performance Longboard. …

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A Guide to Shortboard Surfboards

Shortboards are shorter, faster, and allow for more maneuverability than Longboards. They tend to be favored by professional surfers and may be too challenging for beginners and even those with a little experience behind them. How Long Is A Shortboard Surfboard? The term “Shortboard” is generally used to define surfboards between 5ft 5 inches and 6ft 5 inches. However, surfboards come in all shapes and …

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A Guide to Fish Surfboards

The Fish surfboard is a versatile board. It’s wider, thicker, and shorter, which creates extra volume and keeps you on top of the wave. It’s often recommended for summer waves and is suitable for many different types of surfer. The retro Fish surfboard varies from between 4 and 7 feet in length while modern variants can go up to 8 feet. Both types …

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What Do Fins Do On a Surfboard?

A surfboard fin, also known as a “skeg”, is fitted to the bottom tail of a surfboard to provide stability and directional control. First used in the 1930s, fins are now commonplace on all surfboards, regardless of the size or type.  How do Surfboard Fins Work? A fin impacts a surfer’s performance in multiple ways, …

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